Wanna register a domain name? Does it have to be a .co or a .com? I answer these typical questions of those who need to create an immediate and simple URL address. How? Here you will find the best name generators and tools to choose domains.

I believe that beautiful and useful things must be shared with friends. Even those I gathered around the blog. For this reason I suggest you take a look at these applications to choose, monitor, identify the domain of your dreams.

What is the domain name: definition

The domain name allows you to reach the website, characterizes the project alphanumeric elements. Why is it so important? It is the reference of the blog, the minimum text string (a true micro-content) that allows the reader to recognize you in any situation. That’s why you need name generators to choose domains.

In addition the domain name is invoked and shown, on Facebook sharing also. The domain name guarantees for you, and for your work.

When they ask me how to choose an effective domain, I always try to focus on reflection. Never throw yourself into the void, better take a few days to reflect: domain is your online address, your home. It will be difficult to change once chosen and purchased.

Choose a domain name with

How to choose the right domain for your blog? Among the many tools to choose domains start with, simple and effective. Enter the keyword that interests you and go to the search: the results will show you the free extensions with a green tick. Take a look also at the accessory features, which are very interesting.

Whois: find domain owner

One of the many tools for choosing domains? No, with this tool you can get information on owners. It can always be useful to know who to send an email… Whois is the ideal solution to discover all of a domain, and have clear directions on the expiration date, the webmaster and who registered it.

Keyword and words for URL: Domainsbot

What makes this tool interesting for identifying domains? The wide range of customizations to be included in the name searches. I love the lists of synonyms in the sidebar and the ability to decide the extensions to show with a simple click in the check. With Domainsbot it is easy to find good combinations.

Bust a Name, name generator for sites

When they ask me how to choose the right domain I recommend this tool, one of the tools to choose preferred domains. Bust a Name offers an interesting solution: enter two words, press enter and you will take home an extensive list of combinations. Great for the undecided, for bloggers who do not have clear ideas.

Know domain history: Internet Archive

Enter the domain you want to buy and enjoy the show: Internet Archive is the history of the internet at your disposal, you can find out how it looked in the past the combination that you have spotted. Perfect to get an idea of the history of the domain, and to identify possible penalties.

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Find domain with instant domain search

Put the word you are interested in in the search bar, give the free domain search the go-ahead and enjoy the result. You have a list of all the solutions, those free and those already committed. The Whois allows you to discover the owners and the suggestion column gives you good advice for alternatives in the domain choice.

Lean Domain Search: ideas for domain

Let’s play with the words. The keyword to which you pointed is already taken? Launch it in the search bar of Lean Domain Search and you will have the alternatives that, of course, are close to your needs. For those who do not have enough ideas, for those looking for inspiration for those who ask how to choose the right domain.

Domain names generator: Dot-o-mator

Another domain generator that relies on a system of words to choose from. Have you identified the results that are right for you? Enter them in the final Dot-o-mator list and check if they are available. At this point you just have to proceed with the purchase and give your project the best domain available.

Online domain name generator: Wordoid

Let’s go straight to the point and look for your best domain on which, it seems obvious to me by the name, offers a great quality tool for playing with words. Above all to understand if your idea is available, and to find alternative solutions to your solution: you can not always have everything from the web.

Choosing the right domain: a TLD .in or .com?

There is no definitive answer. The top-level domain is an extension that gives more information and allows to identify the purpose of the project.

The .com domain is linked to commercial activities free from territorial links. The .in domain, on the other hand, makes it clear that there is a seat in India, a link with this nation. But TLDs do not have any constraints, they can be used as you wish.

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Your tools for naming and choosing domains

There is so much to add to choose a domain capable of describing your business in the best possible way. Want to add a point to the list and make a contribution? Is there something in your favorite bar that I do not know? Feel free to share your views via comments.

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