How to connect Android smartphone to the PC via WiFi

The ways to connect an Android device to the computer are different. The most used is the cable connection after installing the drivers on the computer. There is also another way to get rid of cables and drivers using only WiFi and any browser. To connect Android smartphone to the PC via WiFi or another Android device you can use a simple free app called Droid Over Wifi to install on your Android device.

How to connect Android smartphone to the PC via WiFi

Connecting an Android smartphone to a PC via WiFi is the easiest way to access an Android device via a PC. This method works with any version of the operating system, be it Windows, Linux or macOS. With the Droid Over Wifi app, we can access the memory of the Android smartphone through a simple and intuitive interface. Through a real file manager for Android that we can manage from our PC. Through the file manager you can perform a series of operations such as renaming files, deleting folders and uploading or downloading documents, as well as viewing images and videos on the computer screen without downloading them.

You can download Droid Over Wifi for free from Google Play. The only requirement to allow pairing is compatibility with the operating system of the Android device, which can not be less than Android 2.3. But I challenge there is no one who still has it on their device. To connect Android smartphones to the PC and make it work, the Android device and the PC must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.


  • The MediaView function allows viewing of video and audio files contained in the current folder. You can stream full-screen Mpeg4, Ogg and WebM video files directly from your phone and in the meantime view photos in another browser tab.
  • The Folder Size function quickly calculates the size of the folders and displays them with graphs.
  • Load multiple files simultaneously without size limits. The progress of each file is visible in real time. Drag and Drop is supported and allows multiple files to be uploaded at the same time.
  • Download multiple files at once without size limits. Ability to download multiple files at the same time, which are compressed into a zip archive in order to increase the download speed.
  • Create, rename and delete files and folders in a simple and direct way through the keyboard and mouse.
  • Move files and folders with smart auto-complete features.
  • Sort files and folders by name, size or modification date.
  • Protection with Pin Code.
  • Droid Over WiFi runs as a background service on Android. So you can continue to use smartphones and tablets without problems.


Droid Over Wifi allows you to connect Android phone to the PC and access the contents of the device via a browser via WiFi. Remember the famous Air Droid app very much. Unlike the latter, Droid Over Wifi focuses exclusively on reading and writing files, making the process as simple as possible. The application also allows you to preview files as images and movies directly from within the web interface, without the need to download them to your computer or any other mobile device. So, if you find yourself without a USB cable and need to upload or download files to/from the device, check how Droid Over Wifi can help you.

The application allows you to also select multiple files together to upload or download. In the case of this last hypothesis, all the files will be compacted into a ZIP file.

To move files to other locations on the device, the web interface shows a popup where you can specify the destination directory. The application keeps track of existing directories and provides suggestions for the intended path. Basic functions such as creating files or folders or renaming are also supported.

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