How to control your Android phone from pc via wifi

Among the many functions that our smartphones can do, that of interfacing with other devices is certainly one of the most interesting. In particular, the coupled Android-PC is really heart winning because it allows, in addition to the simple exchange of files, even a real remote control through the use of WiFi in different ways.

We at Teknologya have tested a series of valid applications for you to manage your smartphone directly from a PC and we offer you below.

I would like to clarify that the applications are not listed in order of importance: read for each of them the features that it is able to offer and choose the one that best suits your needs.


Airdroid is one of the most popular applications for managing the contents of our smartphone and for interacting with it. It offers a wide range of functions, including the use of the camera device from a PC, the display of the call log, the ability to check and send text messages and an excellent file manager, as well as providing full details on the level of charge, level of the signal and technical characteristics. Access to all these functions is possible by going to the web browser at web.airdroid.comlogging in with Google account, Facebook or Twitter, and of course downloading the app.


Now let’s talk about Webkey, an apparently not very functional app for its interface, which is perhaps too simple, but instead turns out to be truly exceptional. It has many functions: GPS location, file manager, calls, text messages, but above all a Remote Control (Root) that allows you to use the device as if we had it in our hands! To take advantage of these functions you have to download the app, register and go to the website.


MobileGo is an application more related to the PC because, unlike the others just presented, requires installation on Computer (as well as on the smartphone). As it appears it is very similar to iTunes and the features are the same as the above mentioned apps, with the absence of the Remote Control.


Scrcpy is a PC executable application that takes its name from the C ++ “strcpy” command, useful to copy strings of code.

This program will allow you to transmit the display of your smartphone on your PC and, check it directly using your cursor on the screen as a finger on the touch.

Unlike the other programs in this guide, Scrcpy requires no installation of any kind on a PC or phone, nor does it require root permissions, as it works directly through command lines thanks to ADB technology.

The use of Scrcpy is possible both with a cable connection and via Wi-Fi connection, but the latter is not recommended because, given the amount of data to be transferred in a limited time, at best there would be a delay of at least 3 seconds.

The only requirement is to have the API 21 on your smartphone that is available from Android 5.0 onwards.

The program is available for any operating system and is available in portable version on the official Glyub page of Scrcpy, with all the indications to use it at best. You can download the ZIP file containing the program to be used together with ADB from the following link:

How to use Scrcpy

Scrcpy is a program designed not to have a real graphical interface but to be executed via console commands. For this reason, if you are not familiar with ADB or command lines in general, I strongly suggest moving the extracted folder to the desktop in order to have an easier use.

It is also necessary to activate USB debugging, an option that will allow your PC to communicate with your smartphone. You can activate it via the Developer Options.

Once you have done this you just have to open the “Command Prompt” on your PC by searching it through the search bar and type the following commands:

cd Desktop/scrcpy-windows-v1.1

This command will allow you to enter the folder that contains Scrcpy in order to start operating.
“Scrcpy-windows-v1.1” is the default name of the folder you have downloaded, in case of a different name you will have to replace the name of your folder.

The next two commands are exclusive for the Wi-Fi procedure as they will allow you to connect your PC and your smartphone without any cables, as long as they are connected to the same network. This command is used to allow your phone to listen to TCP / IP connections through port 5555. After this step you can disconnect your phone from the PC but, to connect definitively via Wi-Fi, you need to know the IP of your smartphone. To do this simply go to “Settings> about phone> Status” and read the four numbers, separated by a dot, which make up our IP address.
adb tcpip 5555  "Solo Wi-fi"

#IP:5555  "Solo Wi-Fi"

Replace your “#IP” with the IP address you have just made and, with this line of code, you will finally put your phone and PC in communication without needing any wires.

adb devices

This command will allow you to check the status of the devices connected to the PC. If the screen is similar to the next one, you can proceed with using the actual application, otherwise make sure you have activated the debugging, disconnecting and reconnecting your smartphone, re-authorize the necessary permissions and try again.

If you have connected the phone via Wi-Fi, the screen that appears will look like this:


This command will permanently open the program with the transmission of the monitor of your smartphone inside your PC.

In case you have more smartphones connected to your PC just enter “-s” followed by the serial number of your phone following the previous line in this way:

scrcpy -s ZY223NXM7P

In addition to this, there are many other commands that you can use to customize your user experience. Among the many there are those that allow you to control the bitrate (or the amount of information transmitted, generally in kb/s) or customize the resolution of the transmission, useful options to decrease the quality but increase the fluidity. These and other commands are present below.


Thanks to Scrcpy the communication between smartphone and PC is reactive in any sphere and resolution, even while it is tested with a low-end notebook on games. Although during similar uses it is difficult, with just one mouse, do what you usually do with two fingers, even the controls are very smart, with numerous keyboard shortcuts that will allow you to press the physical buttons of your smartphone directly from your PC.

In fact, even the keyboard can be used to write on your smartphone and it is also very convenient to paste on our smartphone elements copied from our PC.

The app does its job excellently and, after having done the hand, it also becomes easy to use.

Despite the many advantages, the project is not free from defects due to excessive youth. Many functions, in fact, how to adjust the volume, are only present on the paper but, in practice, do not work. This is superbly compensated by the continuous updates made to the app that allow it to gain new features (such as the connection via Wi-Fi that was not implemented in the initial project) and to better file the existing ones.

 TeamViewer QuickSupport

Teamviewer Quick Support, the best remote control app! Also in this case, the app must be installed on both PC and smartphone and, after making the connection, it is ready for use: the scrolling of the pages turns out to be very fluid and, with the opening of the drop-down menu, we discover features such as file exchange, video recording of our operations, the addition of another user and much more. The PC application is available at and, of course, on the Play Store.

According to us, these are the best applications for the control and management of our android devices via PC. And you, what do you think?

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