How to create anonymous email account

Internet does not make life easy when it comes to navigating completely invisibly. In this post we want to explain how to create an anonymous email account and remain invisible when you send an email to another address.
Not long ago, the policy of sharing seemed to take over and privacy seemed dead and nobody cared. Now, the need to operate in a truly anonymous manner is more important than ever. Let’s see how to send anonymous emails without the receiver knowing who sent them.

When you go to an online service, the first three options you are offered for registration are to use the credentials of your Google, Facebook or Twitter accounts. Other services – like Google – to sign up, ask you to enter a phone number or an email address. In this way you are certainly not hiding your identity on the internet.

What do you have to do, then, if you want to set up an email account that is completely anonymous without indicating your data, without a clear link to you and create an email without personal data? In short, how to create an email without registration?

This need to create an anonymous email account goes beyond simply encrypting messages. Anyone can encrypt their messages with a web-based email service like Gmail, using a browser extension such as Secure Mail by Streak. For desktop email clients, they can use GnuPG (Privacy Guard) or EnigMail. The web-based ProtonMail service promises end-to-end encryption without any access to its data by the company behind the service. In addition to the various applications available for iOS and Android. But these services do not keep anonymous who sends an email.

Here are the services that you should use to create an anonymous email account, really unidentifiable, without the need to enter your personal information. They are useful services to send anonymous emails, but use them only for good and to guarantee your privacy.

Anonymous browser

Your web browser follows you. It’s that simple. Cookies and so-called “supercookies” know where you’ve been and what you’ve done and what you’re ready to share. Especially for targeted ads, but this is not very comforting if you try to browse anonymously.

The unknown/private mode of your browser can be activated only after many sites have registered your IP address.

If you want to browse the Web anonymously (and you also want to create an anonymous email account), you do not only need a virtual private network, but also Tor Browser, a Mozilla browser based on Tor security. If you do not know Tor, it’s what was once called The Onion Router. It manages to keep all Internet traffic anonymous and people on the other side can not know where you really are. It will take longer to load a website as you would on Firefox or Chrome, but this is the price you pay for security.

The Tor Browser is available in 16 languages, for Windows, MacOS and Linux. It is self-sufficient and portable, which means it will also work from a USB flash drive if you do not want to install it directly on your computer. It’s totally free. Facebook also has a Tor-secure address to protect users’ location and allow users to access places where the social network is illegal or blocked, such as China. About a million people use it. There is also a version for Tor access to Facebook on Android devices.

Tor is not completely anonymous at 1,000 percent. But it is much safer than surfing freely.

Anonymous email

You can set up a relatively anonymous Gmail account, you just need to give the wrong data. This means creating a complete Google Account, but not giving Google your name, location, date of birth or any other data you need to enter when you sign up (while using a VPN and the Tor Browser, of course).

In the end, you will need to provide Google with another contact data, such as an email address or phone number. You can use a burned/temporary number as a telephone number. You can use an application like Hushed or Burner or purchase a pre-paid mobile phone number. (Just know that even the most “sure” burnt number has its limits when it comes to being truly anonymous).

As for emails, there are anonymous e-mail services that you can use. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) says it’s smart to use a different email provider than your personal account if you want anonymity – this way you’re less likely to be tracked.

You must also use an e-mail service that supports SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. This is the basic encryption used in a web connection to prevent espionage actions, such as when you buy on Amazon. Know that it is encrypted when HTTPS is displayed in the URL instead of HTTP. Or a lock symbol appears in the address bar or in the status bar. The three major email providers (Gmail, Yahoo Mail and all support HTTPS encryption.

This is great for surfing the Internet, but neither HTTPS nor VPN is sufficient to keep anonymous e-mails sent. To do this, you need to use a truly anonymous web-based email service. Here we offer you the best services to create an anonymous email account.

Services to create an anonymous email account


Recommended by EFF and others, Hushmail’s success depends on the fact that it is easy to use, does not include advertising and has integrated cryptography between members. Of course, to get all this, you have to pay, starting at $49.98 per year for 10 GB of online storage. The free version offers 25MB of storage space. You can access from the Web or iOS.

Businesses can use Hushmail from $3.99 per user/month for non-profit organizations (up to $5.99 for small businesses and $9.99 for legal entities), as well as a one-time payment version of $9.99 for all (even if you need to obscure your information for the Whois database).

Hide My Ass! Anonymous Email

Hide My Ass is a very popular private VPN service that allows users to access blocked content in their country, not to mention the possibility of providing a much higher level of privacy. The base price is € 9.99 per month, but you pay €7.49 per month if you sign a contract for six months or €4.99 per month for a year.

The Anonymous Email HMA service is not just for VPN customers. Get an address that can be set to last 24 hours, one week, one month, six months, or 12 months. There is a clock to indicate how long you have set for reading messages. When registering, request your existing email address, then HMA can send you an alert when you receive a message on the anonymous account, but it is not necessary. The interface will not win any prizes: Hushmail is infinitely more beautiful. This service is only for receiving anonymous emails; You can not send a message.

HMA also has iOS and Android applications that provide secure mobile connections, plus you can send private SMS and chat services with other HMA users.

Guerrilla Mail

Guerrilla Mail provides disposable e-mails and temporary emails. Technically, the address will exist forever and can no longer be used. All messages received at the address, accessible at, last only an hour. Get a fully encrypted email address. There is an option to also use your own domain name, but it will probably not protect your privacy.

Guerrilla Mail is the perfect way to create an email address that allows you to subscribe to a new email address that is permanent but anonymous, or to send a quick and anonymous email – no registration is required. It is also possible to attach a file if it is less than 150 MB. Coupled with the Tor browser, Guerilla Mail makes you virtually invisible. It is also available for Android.


Mailinator disposable email has a brilliant interface, but you probably do not even need it. Whenever you receive an email, just enter the name and then follow Then, visit the site, enter the name and check if you have received a message. No subscription, even if you can sign in with a Google account.

Here is the problem. If someone else has entered the same name, both will have access to the received messages. There are no passwords. The FAQ states that if you receive an email from Mailinator, it is a guaranteed forgery. This service is useful for quick registration to accounts or services on the internet. Of course, you can pay $29/month if you want to get a 10MB private storage mailbox just for you.

Email On Dek

There is a two-step procedure to receive a free e-mail on Email On Deck, but only because the first is a CAPTCHA to make sure you are a human being and not a robot. Casually performs an obfuscated email address (such as “[email protected]”). You can click on a button to assign another address, but they are all temporary. Do not use this service if you intend to use the assigned address for more time, for example, an hour or two.

TorGuard Email

TorGuard is another global VPN service, starting at around $9.95 a month. The service also provides an Anonymous Email, with free service (10 MB storage) up to $49.95/year service with unlimited storage. All have secure G/PGP encryption of mail and no ads. is not just a site, but also a browser extension for Google Chrome and Firefox, so you do not even need to visit the site. Create a new email with different domain options and will send it to your official address for the duration of the new address as established by you. The only limit is the number of emails that can be obtained. To have an unlimited number of accounts, you have to pay $12.99 a year. The site provides a complete interface for address management, to create so many addresses and remain anonymous and omnipresent.

ProtonMail over Tor

Perhaps we have lastly retained the best service to create an anonymous email account: ProtonMail is a nice service with servers in Switzerland (a country that appreciates the secret) that provides fully encrypted messages. Anyone can get an account for free that contains 500 MB of data and up to 150 messages per day or you have to pay 4 euros a month to get the advanced features.

One account is encryption, another is to remain anonymous thanks to the integrated support of ProtonMail to the Tor protocol. It also provides complete instructions on how to set up Tor on your desktop or mobile phone. Having anonymous users is so important to ProtonMail, that it does not require any personal information when you sign up. It also supports two-factor authentication.

That’s all. You can choose from this list the best service that best matches your needs to create an anonymous email account.