I think you already know what the infographics are, especially because you are reading this article. However, I decided to explain in brief what it is and how to create infographics, so as to inform all readers of this fantastic means of communication.

“The infographic (also known with terms” information design “, information graphic or infographic ) is the information projected in a more graphic and visual form than text. As a technique, it was born from the intersection of graphic arts with journalism and information technology. The images used, processed by computer on electronic graphic palettes, can be 2D or 3D, animated or fixed “.

I have taken this definition from Wikipedia, but I think it is a bit too laborious and complex. So I think you can use a more land-to-earth definition. Infographics are in fact nothing more than presentations of images and videos full of elements.

These elements aim to make the observer understand a concept, that is the central topic of the image that is developed horizontally or vertically through visual contributions, with a very high communicative impact. Lately, we are also using animated infographics consisting of video instead of images, or images together with video content.

Below you can find some examples of infographics:

food infographics

Social media infographics

facebook facts infographics

Now that you’re perfectly clear what an infographic is, it’s time to start seeing how to create free infographics that fit your needs. You can easily realize that creating them from scratch without any graphic knowledge could be a big problem. Fortunately, there are free sites and software created especially for these people (among which there are me too, maybe you). Doing some research on the internet, I found a site that is right for us, very easy to use but useful for our purposes. It’s called Easelly, you can reach it by clicking on the following link:

LINK | Easelly

Registration is free and you can also log in with your Facebook or Google+ profile. It offers an interactive layout that will allow you to incorporate graphics, photos, videos and many other elements. Furthermore, you are offered the possibility to start from a pre-built template, then obviously completely customizable. Or you can do a more complete job, starting from scratch and building your infographic entirely, checking the performance during construction. The site, to create infographics, offers you a large collection of icons, shapes and objects that you can easily drag and drop on your editor, in short, nothing simpler! You will feel like working on a billboard where you can paste whatever you want. In fact, through the Upload function you can also insert any image on your PC.

How to create video infographics

In addition to images, you can also create video infographics, or mixed infographics containing image files along with video content. In the Media section you can choose, among other things, to select a video from Youtube to be inserted in the infographic, simply by copying and pasting the link.

Easelly upload

All this is available for free. However, as I think you can already imagine, by paying a symbolic amount you can have access to additional services. To not go further, I thought not to present the differences between the free account and pro, but I’ll insert below an image that will clarify your ideas. In addition, under it there is a video that presents in a truly synthetic the potential of this fantastic site.

Easelly pro vs free

If you have doubts on how to create infographics, suggestions or criticism do not hesitate to comment. Maybe share the article with your friends and your colleagues, I bet you will be grateful!