How to Disable Huawei voice assistant (TalkBack)

How to disable voice assistant on Huawei? Does your Huawei speak for itself? Here is the guide on how to make Huawei stop talking by turning off the voice assistant

How to Disable Huawei voice assistant (TalkBack)
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Huawei speaks for itself: what to do?

Has your Huawei smartphone started talking to itself every time you use it? The voice assistant started in total autonomy on your Huawei smartphone and now you don’t know how to turn it off? Do you want to deactivate the Huawei guide?

No problem.

In today’s guide I’ll explain how to disable the Huawei voice assistant on all the smartphones produced by the company.

Without wasting time, let’s see how to proceed as quickly and easily as possible. I can guarantee that within a couple of minutes you will be able to deactivate Google Huawei voice assistant and you will be able to make your phone stop talking every time you use it.

Ready? Let’s start with the guide!

Huawei voice assistant disable

To solve the problem, you need to disable TalkBack in the device settings.

To do this, follow these instructions:

  1. Open the Device Settings app
  2. Open Accessibility, then TalkBack
  3. Disable TalkBack


How to remove voice assistant from Huawei: that’s it

Problem solved, right? Now your Huawei smartphone has stopped talking and the voice assistant has become “mute”.

Did you see how simple it was?

It was enough to know how to do it and we explained it to you in an extremely clear way.

For any doubt or question, leave a comment at the end of the article and we will reply as soon as possible.

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