How to download torrent files using uTorrent

How to download torrent files using uTorrent, downloading files from torrent sites is a very simple process. But it seems very difficult for those who are beginners in this field. Almost all Torrent sites are updated every day with new files such as movies, music, software, etc.

How to download torrent files using uTorrent? This is a beginner’s guide for downloading torrent files.

How to download torrent files using uTorrent

# 1: Download and install the uTorrent software on your computer. The procedure takes less than a minute. Download uTorrent from here.

# 2: Now you have to find the file you want to download. You can use the Torrent search engine type and search for the file. I looked for the KM Player file.

# 3: From the results choose the appropriate one. I always choose the first result.

# 4: Then you will be redirected to a page where you will see some useful websites to download the torrent file. You can choose any of the websites.

# 5: You will be redirected to another web page, this time the file, and you will see the “Download Torrent” option

# 6: Click on “Download Torrent”. The file will be saved in the Download folder, go to the folder, you will find an icon with the uTorrent symbol, click twice on it

# 7:  Open the file with uTorrent and click OK.

# 8: Now your file will start to download in the program you downloaded before, “uTorrent”.

I hope I was simple in the explanation, once the download is complete, the file is in the Download folder.

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