How to earn FUT coins in FIFA 20

Building a quality squad on FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) requires resources. But you don’t have to break the piggy bank or find a Chinese investor: there are several ways to earn coins in FIFA 20. Get to know them all and start buying cards from your favorite players now.


How to earn coins in FIFA 20

The simplest and most direct way to earn coins in FUT is by playing games. At the end of each game, your performance (such as goals scored and conceded, fouls, kicks, wins) yields a number of coins, which generally range from 100 to 700.

However, if we consider that the value of some special cards can exceed the millions, depending on the games alone may not be the most sustainable way.

The other ways to earn coins in FIFA 20 still involve matches, such as the Division Rivals and FUT Champions competitive modes. But there are also ways to earn coins through the activities provided by FUT’s other game modes: the transfer market, Season Goals, FUT Draft, Squad Battles, and Casting Challenges.

Earning coins for Division Rivals and FUT Champions

The competitive modes of FUT have no secret: depending on your skill in the game, you will win more matches, increase your rank in the modalities and win prizes per game and at the end of each season.

Prizes can be coins deposited directly into your game account, but they also come in packaged form, which can be sold or opened to receive in-game items. In that case, we have entered the second (but more popular) way to earn FUT coins in FIFA 20: the transfer market.

How to earn coins for the FIFA 20 market

The FIFA 20 transfer market is where, for many players, the magic happens. It works like a real market, where all items of the game (player cards, stadiums, uniforms, balls, consumable items like contracts, etc.) are traded among the thousands of players worldwide.

Letters are obtained by opening packages which, in turn, can be received as prizes or purchased at the store. Obviously, there is a chance that you can take a Cristiano Ronaldo and sell it for many FUT coins, but depending on luck buying and opening packs (either with coins or with FIFA Points, which cost real money ) usually only brings losses.

What many players do is keep an eye on the market itself, buying cards requested for lower values ​​and selling them for higher values, already considering the 5% rate discounted from every transaction made in the virtual market of the game.

How to earn coins in FIFA 20 via other FUT modes

For the Season Objectives, you complete pre-determined activities (ranging from completing the tutorial to winning an online match with 3 players from the same club) within the period of each season. Each goal earns rewards and experience points for your FIFA profile.

In Squad Battle, you face teams of other players controlled by the game’s Artificial Intelligence. The stronger the team, the greater the reward and the amount of points obtained to climb the ranking.

In FUT Draft, the challenge is to assemble the best squad with the cards offered to you, with 5 players being random for each position (who are not necessarily part of your club). With this team, you play up to 4 games with other players online or against AI. The more wins, the better the prize.

The Casting Challenge (DME) is as its name suggests: a series of specific requirements to build a team with the cards of players you own, exchanging that team for better rewards or items.

Finally, the way to earn coins in FIFA 20 playing the other FUT modes is practically the same as in competitive modes: complete objectives, earn coins directly, or receive cards and packages with items that can be sold for the game itself by the smallest price, or on the market for a higher profit.