How to kill Ifrit in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Ifrit is perhaps the most lethal creature of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. A powerful and resistant fire beast is among the most difficult to face. But even she has weaknesses that can be exploited. See how to kill Ifrit in The Witcher 3.

the witcher 3 ifrit

How to kill Ifrit in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The monster called Ifrit in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a golem, a monster created from inanimate matter, which moves by magic. The creature appears in three different missions: “Blindly Obvious”, “Most Wanted in Redania” and “The Witch’s Forge”, being called both “Ifrit” and “Fire/Earth Elemental”. Regardless of the name, the enemy is the same and the way to face it too.

Like every golem/elemental, Ifrit is resistant to physical attacks and immune to poison, as it is not a living being. Fire bombs and the Igni signal only strengthen it. Therefore, never use any of this element in battle. The monster throws fireballs when you are far away, which can be avoided using dodge and with an attack in which it hits the ground and burns everything around, if you are too close.

Furthermore, the simple act of getting close to an Ifrit is dangerous, as the flames on your body can harm you. Still, there are ways to win the battle, without suffering much in the process.

the witcher 3 ifrit fight

Aard and Dimeritium

The first thing to do is to extinguish the flames on the Ifrit’s body. To do this, use the Aard signal. Get up close and use a Northern Wind bomb, which freezes enemies, which is especially effective against the creature. The Dimeritium bomb, which prevents the use of magic attacks, is also an excellent choice in this battle.

Once Ifrit’s attacks are neutralized, use strong strokes with your silver sword to deal damage. When the monster recovers, move away and dodge its attacks and again use the combination of the Aard signal and bombs to weaken it and attack. Repeat this process until you defeat it.