How to Find Easter Eggs Hidden in Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 is still one of the most popular shooting games, and as is the tradition of the DICE studio, the game contains a wealth of secrets and Easter eggs, from unusual appearances to very powerful weapons you can find there.

How to Find Easter Eggs Hidden in Battlefield 1
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How to find the easter eggs of Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 has a series of easter eggs, but two of them are the most hidden: what activates the megalodon, and what gives the player the secret revolver Peacekeeper.

1. How to make the megalodon appear

The megalodon, or giant white shark, was a species of shark that lived millions of years ago but is alive and well in Battlefield 1. To make it appear, you need to do a series of procedures on the Fort Vaux map:

  1. Find three valves, scattered across the map, near the capture points (the third valve is buried, use explosives to reveal it);

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  1. With you and two other members of your team, activate the three valves at the same time.
    If you did correctly, a crater near the C catch point will be filled with water;
  2. Go to a corridor in the center of the map with several boxes, and blast them to reveal a hole in the ground;

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  1. Throw a grenade into the hole, and the megalodon will wake up. Go back to the puddle;
  2. Inside the pool, kill three enemies with knife blows, and the color of the water will turn red with blood;
  3. Stay in the puddle, or walk inside it and wait.

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If all the steps have been done correctly, the megalodon will arise to attack whoever is marking silliness in the pool of blood.

2. How to get the secret weapon Peacekeeper

Peacekeeper is one of the names for the Colt Single Action Army, considered by some the best revolver ever made. In the game, it has several unique animations, and the greatest damage among the weapons of its category. However, getting it is not simple at all.

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You will need to solve six puzzles ( A BeginningA ConflictAn EscalationAn OmenAngel Sighting and Belly of the Beast ), which will give you three front dog tags, two dog tags back, and a M1917 MG gun skin. To continue to the last challenge, you must equip one of the front tags, one of the back tags, and the weapon with the skin. But anyway, it is mandatory to solve all the other six puzzles .

  1. On the map Passchendaele, proceed to point E and below a wooden bridge;
  2. Destroy the board, below it will be the symbol of a skull and two switches;
  3. Power the switches in this order: EDD EDD EDD ED DEEE EDEE EED (where D = right valve and E = left valve);
  4. The passage will open, enter and activate the switch;
  5. From here, be quick, or the gas will kill you (the mask is useless in this part).
    You will need to be guided by the compass to navigate through the tunnels, and trigger the switches that open the trap doors;
  6. The correct sequence of directions is OLS OLO ONS ONO SOS (N = North, S = South, L = East and O = West);
  7.  If you do everything right, in the last corridor you will find the Peacekeeper.

Hint: To avoid dying every fall in a trapdoor, when you reach the end of each new corridor, wait for the energy to regenerate before activating it, as long as the gas is not too close. As I said, be quick.

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