How to get Albedo, Rebis and Nigredo in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Getting Albedo, Rebis and Nigredo in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, three of the most valuable alchemical items in the game, involves a specific mission, in which you will have to complete some tasks to learn the formulas. Learn how to get Albedo, Rebis and Nigredo in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt below, using a few tips.

Ciri and Geralt The witcher 3

How to get Albedo, Rebis and Nigredo in The Witcher 3

Albedo, Rebis and Nigredo are among the rarest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and are ingredients used in alchemy formulas, among the most powerful in the game. However, they also need to be composed of other items and the three formulas can only be achieved through a mission. It is recommended that the player is at least level 20, so that it is simple to complete.

You can start the mission in three different ways:

  1. Talk to Otto Bamber at the Herbalist’s Hut, northeast of the Novigrad Gate, in Oxenfurt;
  2. Talk to the Druid merchant Yolar at Gedyneith;
  3. Pass by the Druid Gremist, who will be sitting outside your cave, also in Gedyneith.

After any of these methods, open your quest menu and select “Stage in Advanced Alchemy” and head to the Gremist workshop in Gedyneith, on the Skellige Islands.

When you get there, you’ll see Gremist arguing with someone else. Talk to him, who at first will refuse any request from you, but insist and select the option “I want you to teach me alchemy”.

In doing so, Gremist will give you three tasks to accept you as an apprentice:

1. Get a Pimpinella

Get a Pimpinella

You didn’t want anything else, right?

Follow to the point marked on the map south of the Druid Camp in the Morskogen Forest. Look for the pimpinella on the plants and Geralt will notice that they have already been harvested. In that, another druid will appear and offer to accompany you, accept.

Follow the trails that will lead you to a pack of wolves and, after defeating them, you will find a division on the trail: one going down the hill and the other down the hill. You can choose one or the other, but either way, your final destination is to climb.

After the climb, you will find a succubus seducing a druid apprentice. After a dialogue, you can choose to kill the creature or not. Regardless of the choice, you must access her cave (on your own or guided by the succubus, depending on your choice) and pick a pimpinela, among the various flowers in the place.

2. Get a bottle of alcohol from an old distillery

You must proceed to the old distillery in Monte Sereno, marked on the map for this task. When you get there you will find a cyclops, defeat it. After that, search the place and find the items “Distiller’s Letter” and “Distiller’s Record”, this one with the distillery operation mode, among others. Going up the stairs, there is a mixture that you will use to make the drink.

Access the still, pour the mixture into it and light it. After Geralt says it’s okay, put the fire out, go to the levers and start the one on the right first, and then the one on the left to cool the drink. That done, take the alcohol and go.

3. Convince Fritjof to perform a ritual with Gremist

Convince Fritjof to perform a ritual with Gremist

The Fritjof druid can be found in Blandare and you must convince him to help Gremist. But first, you will have to defend it while performing a ritual to attract rain. Agree and you will proceed to an altar, where a sacrifice will be made that will attract groups of nebulae. Kill them all (the wolf of Fritjof will help you and is immune to damage) and when the danger passes, speak to him again and the druid will agree to help.

After completing the three favors, speak to Gremist again and he will send you back the next day. Wait 24 hours (in game time), go back and discover that the “secret ritual” involved only a drunken binge among druids.

After completing the mission, speak to Gremist again in front of his cave and the druid will now sell items. Among them, the formulas Albedo, Rebis and Nigredo. To obtain the three alchemical items, you must follow the recipes and purchase the ingredients ordered for each one.

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