Fortnite is a Battle Royale game where 100 players are played at the same time on an island and need to get resources quickly to try to survive and eliminate opponents. Beat whoever is the last to live. But you do not have to face all this tension dressed anyway. See how to get skin in Fortnite for free and envy the other competitors.

How to get free skin in Fortnite

Fortnite has several skins for you to customize the appearance of your character. You can buy some of these personalized clothes with V-Bucks (the virtual currency of the game) or get them for free at special events. Oh, it’s always good to remember that using cheats to earn V-Bucks or unlock skins is totally forbidden and can result in permanent banning of your account in the game.

Here are some ways to win costumes in the game without spending real money.

1. Stay tuned for game events

Fortnite performs several events over the months, with various themes or to celebrate new seasons or special dates such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc. There are events that happen also to enjoy some hype of the moment, as that happened the week of release of the film Avengers: Endgame.

To get these free and special skins does not have much mystery: just keep an eye and participate in the thematic challenges that appear in the game. It is common to see Epic Games (title developer) create unique modes of gameplay at these events, which reward participants with unique costumes.


2. Enjoy the Epic Games partners

There are a few companies that are partners with Epic Games, and with that, while enjoying or following one of them you can get items and skins unique to your character.

Sony is one such partner, for example. When you log in to the game with PS Plus on a PS4, players guarantee a few special packages that include costumes and other accessories. As the store renews this stock of packs over time, keep your subscription up to date if you want new free rewards.

The partnership with Twitch also honored subscribers to the Amazon Prime service for a few months. So through the streaming channel you could get at least three skins for Fortnite.

Samsung also partnered with the developer of Battle Royale and distributed exclusive skins to everyone who played the game using a Galaxy S10.

3. Consider having the Battle Pass

This alternative is not free, but is here for super exclusivity (which may interest you). Although you have to buy the real money Battle Pass (and purchase V-Bucks), you guarantee costumes and other exclusive items for each new season and will not be available later in the normal store.


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