We use Laptops so that we can take it wherever we go for this our laptop’s charging matters a lot for us. So it is very important for us to increase the durability of the battery.

Meeting of work, traveling, or in the classroom, when we need to use the laptop, are the classic situations in which it turns out that the battery is almost completely empty.

If the electrical outlet is far away or unavailable, there are some tricks, software and settings to change to maximize and make the most of the battery left in a windows laptop.

Software to increase the battery life of the windows laptop


Aerofoil is a free software that allows you to increase the battery life of a  Windows laptop up to 25% by disabling elements such as the Aero interface (transparent windows), desktop gadgets, sounds and adjusting the power saving settings.

Whenever the power supply to the laptop is removed and this will be powered exclusively by the batteries, Aerofoil will disable the Windows Aero interface (the one with the transparent windows), it will change the energy saving profile (making it more efficient) and if you have popped up the appropriate options in the installation, it will disable gadgets on the desktop and sounds.

Upon re-inserting the plug into the computer, returning to the power supply, all changes made by Aerofoil will be canceled.

The Aero interface, the desktop gadgets, the sounds and the system’s default energy-saving profile will then be restored.

Battery Optimizer

Battery Optimizer is a software designed to increase the battery life of laptops.

The software follows a laptop battery diagnostics at the first start and analyzes the capabilities and optimization options.

Make sure that the battery life of the laptop is sufficient to run the test, as it is necessary to disconnect it from the power source before starting the diagnostics.

In a completely automatic way, it optimizes the battery so that the charge lasts longer. After use, it can also be uninstalled.

Increase the battery life of the laptop with windows 10

Windows 10 offers a useful setting to increase the battery life of the laptop, here we are talking about battery saver 

The Battery saving setting of Windows 10 automatically reduces the consumption of the battery, by default, when the charge level falls below 20%.


Once activated, Windows 10 will try to increase battery life by limiting background tasks and push notifications.

Battery Saver can be activated manually by pressing the appropriate button.

Classic tricks to increase the battery life of the windows laptop

1) Turn down screen brightness 
2) Avoid virus scans, automatic updates when the handset runs on battery 
3) Switch off the keyboard backlighting if present 
4) Disconnect the USB peripherals and remove the discs from the DVD player 
5) Activate High Contrast mode
To activate this mode just type the key combination Shift left + Alt + Stamp and confirm in the dialog that appears.
6) Close messaging programs and applications that exchange data in the background 
7) Hibernation instead of standby 
8) Deactivate Bluetooth 
9) Deactivate Wi-Fi when not needed 
10) Deactivate visual effects windows


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