How do I spy a computer using a free keylogger program that records every key pressed on the keyboard

A Keylogger is a program that allows you to record the keystrokes made on the computer keyboard secretly and, therefore, to keep track of everything that is written and the keys that are pressed, saving it on text files.

KeyLoggers are full-fledged viruses if they are hidden processes that send hacked recordings to malicious hackers, but can also be useful tools for spying on PC activities, for example to know what their children do on the Internet, or to monitor what their employees do in the office or, if they look at their spouse’s online activities with suspicion. In this article we will see how to install a secure KeyLogger program to spy on a PC, which records everything that is typed on the PC keyboard.

The ones described below are the best free keyloggers , which are not detected as malware or viruses by the antivirus (or at least not by Windows Defender), which have no hidden processes that communicate data recorded to someone remotely and have an installation program easy to use.

1) Keylogger Spyrix is a program that can be used for free as a basic Keylogger to spy on your PC, even without paying for all its cloaking features.

Its use is absolutely safe, because it does not connect to the Internet and there will be no danger that the recorded data will end up outside.

To download it, however, use a browser that does not prevent the download of the installation file that is, rightly, seen as harmful (because it is a program that acts as a virus).

So, after downloading and installing, we have a small tool in front of us it records all the keys pressed on the computer keyboard, whether you write or press randomly.
Even if the app icon is in the Windows taskbar, you can manually remove it using the Windows taskbar settings.
To recall it and see which keys have been pressed, just press the CTRL + ALT + A key combination.
The app has several extra features, including automatic screenshots, taking photos from the webcam, and recording items copied to the clipboard with copy and paste.
You can also receive log files by email if you are spying on another person’s computer.

2) Revealer Keylogger it can be downloaded and installed on Windows in a free version and allows you to spy on your PC by recording everything you type.
Like Spyrix, the app icon is in the system tray to allow anyone to see it running unless you remove it using the Windows notification bar settings.
Using a Stealth option in the settings it is possible to hide the KeyLogger from the Windows task manager, from Windows Explorer and from the list of elements starting automatically.
To call up the main screen, press the CTRL + ALT + F9 keys together.
Revealer Keylogger can also take screenshots while it is running to see the spy computer screen.
You can also configure the sending of the recordings by email, even if you have to trust that the mail arrives only to us and not to others.

3) StupidKeylogger is a small tool that spies the PC remaining completely hidden.
It is virtually impossible to find for anyone, leaves no traces in the start menu; it does not appear in the applications to be removed in “Programs and Features” and does not show any icon in the taskbar to indicate its existence.
To install this Keylogger, just unzip the contents of the downloaded archive, then run the “Infect.bat” file.
To view the recordings, you can run the “CollectData.bat” file to create the log file and then with “RecordDecoder.exe” it can be decoded, in the end you get a gigantic text file with all keystrokes pressed and mouse clicks

4) Hooker KeyLogger is a virtually invisible keylogger that it remains in execution without being noticed. The program captures all keystrokes on the keyboard and also intercepts symbols and special characters by saving a log file. This keystroke logger is also able to record all the websites visited by the users can be hidden from view.
All that is recorded is stored in text files that can be read from simple text interface.

5) Best Free Keylogger, is a program that can be downloaded in free version and installed on the PC to spy easily.
The best feature of this spy software is its very clear and uncluttered management interface that allows you to filter recorded data, keys, screenshots and all computer controlled activities without having to strain.


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