Have you tried to install a new custom ROM on your smartphone or Android tablet without success? Perhaps the installation failed because you use the recovery stock, which basically accepts only official ROMs. In order to really customize your smartphone or Android tablet you have to install the new TWRP recovery. In this guide, I will show you step by step how to install TWRP on every Android device.

Note: Unblocking the bootloader may be necessary before proceeding with the installation of TWRP Recovery! Many manufacturers prevent unofficial changes; before proceeding then I suggest you check on Google if your smartphone has the bootloader blocked.

How to install TWRP Recovery

Download the TWRP

If you have fixed the problems with the bootloader you can install the TWRP Recovery by preparing your smartphone and your PC with Windows for the operation. Download the customized recovery version suitable for your device from the following link.


Inside the site uses the search field to find your device.

team win 1

Once you find the device click on its name and download the recovery on the links in the Download Links section.
Team win 2

Both links are written with the word Primary.

Prepare the PC

Now that the custom recovery has been downloaded to your PC, prepare the latter to flash the recovery. To know how to install TWRP you have to get the following tools:

  • ADB
  • fastboot

You can install both on your PC using the ADB 15 second installer, as recommended in the following guide.

LINK | How to install ADB and Fastboot on your PC quickly

Once installed, simply move the downloaded recovery file (it should be in .img format) to the ADB folder created in the Windows Programs folder.

Prepare your smartphone or tablet

Before connecting the Android device to the PC for flashing, make sure to activate the USB debugging item in the Developer Options.

If you do not see the Developer Options in the Settings you can activate them by repeatedly taping on the Build Number, found in Settings -> Device Info.

How to install TWRP

Now that everything is ready you just have to see how to install TWRP on your dear device with Android. Connect your smartphone to your PC via USB cable (no wireless or other systems, cable only!). Wait for it to be recognized and the right drivers to be installed (especially if it’s the first time you connect it to your PC), then open the ADB and Fastboot folder, right click while holding down Shift to any empty point in the folder and open the Open Powershell window here or Open prompt here .


Now that you have a terminal you can install the TWRP recovery by typing the following commands inside the terminal:

adb reboot bootloader

fastboot flash recovery twrp-xxxx-xxx.img

fastboot reboot

In place of the X you will obviously find the TWRP version you downloaded; if you have difficulty typing the commands you can help with the TAB key, which automatically compiles the commands and file names (if present in the same folder).

At the end the device will restart and you will have the new TWRP installed on your device.


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