Make and receive calls using Mac, iPad or iPod touch, Apple Watch

The Continuity feature is a good example of what a company can do to integrate their devices. Whether it’s having a universal clipboard, continuing to read a Safari article on another device, or sending files quickly through AirDrop. In this article, see how to make and receive calls from another gadget ( Mac, iPad, iPod touch, or Apple Watch).

How to Make and receive calls using Mac, iPad or iPod touch, Apple Watch

What are the requirements for making calls on another gadget?

Of course you need an iPhone that can call you (credit or carrier plan) with at least iOS 8.1 installed.

If the call will be made or received by a Mac, OS X Yosemite or later is required. For iPad and iPod touch, iOS 8 or later.

Both must be linked to the same iCloud and FaceTime account, connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

How to set up calls from other devices

On the iPhone:

  1. Access the Settings app;
  2. Tap on “Phone”;
  3. Tap on “Other Devices”;
  4. Check “Allow Connections” and all other devices that appear;

On iPad or iPod touch:

  1. Access the Settings app;
  2. Tap on FaceTime;
  3. Activate the option “Connections via iPhone”.

On the Mac:

  1. Open FaceTime (if not on your dock, hit Command + Spacebar and type FaceTime);
  2. Access FaceTime Preferences (or use Command + Comma shortcut)
  3. Check “iPhone Connections”.

Making and receiving calls via Mac, iPad, iPod…

By the Mac:

  1. Right click on a number identified by macOS and select the option “Call using iPhone” or;
  2. Open FaceTime, type the number into the search field and click “Audio.” If this option remains unlit, right-click the number and do as in step 1.

From iPod touch or iPad:

  1. Touch a number recognized by the system to make the call or;
  2. Open FaceTime, tap the “+” icon, enter the number in the search field, and tap the Audio option.

By Apple Watch:

  1. Open the Phone app
  2. Select between searching contacts or entering the number.

When a call is being received on iPhone, other devices will receive a notification as long as they are nearby, with the option to reject, accept the call, or send a text message.

With information: Apple.

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