How to manually install the Play Store on all Android devices

Does android rhyme with Google? Not really, in fact, there are several devices that, for one reason or another, do not have the Play Store or its latest version on board.

Do not worry, as installing the Play Store or updating it manually is very easy on Android smartphones and tablets, even those not theoretically prepared.

In fact, the popular virtual shop for apps, games, books and movies is certainly a central component of the success of Android and missing it on your device or stay behind an old version is certainly a real shame.

There are some methods and steps to manually install or update the Play Store, from the simplest to those needing root permissions.

How to install or update the Google Play Store manually, from a smartphone or tablet

This is the easiest way to install the Play Store on your device. However, it is good to note that this method will only work on devices ( here the official list ) on which the Google app is already installed and therefore only valid to update the Play Store manually.

It is rather simple to do it. First, go to the device settings and then go to the Security section. Here you will find an option called “Unknown sources”, activate it. At this point, you need the apk of the latest version of the Play Store.

We advise you to download it from APK Mirror, which offers a certain degree of security on packages uploaded to your site.

Once you have completed the apk download you just have to open it and follow the few steps of the installation wizard.

Finished; remember to go back to the settings and disable the “Unknown sources”, this is an important protection for your device.

If on your smartphone or tablet the Play Store is not really present, then you will have to fall back to the method indicated in the last paragraph.

How to install or update the Google Play Store from PC or Mac, via adb

If you are familiar with adb and do not want to make the steps on the phone there is an alternative method that in a few steps allows you to install or update the Play Store. The lines of the previous paragraph remain valid.

That is, the procedure is valid only for smartphones and tablets that already have on board the Play Store and therefore only for those who want to update.

To continue your device must have USB debugging. If you have adb you will have already done this operation; otherwise here’s how.

Disconnect the smartphone from the PC, go to the settings and then in the “Software Info” section or similar look for the “Build version”.

Press ten times and you will activate the development section that you will find in the main settings list. There you can activate USB debugging.

Returning to the procedure to install the Play Store from a PC or Mac you will have to download the apk of the latest version.

At this point move it to the folder where you have adb and for practicality rename it in playstore.apk. To install the Play Store, type the following command:

adb install -r playstore.apk

That’s it, now (as long as it’s compatible) you have the latest version of the Play Store on your Android device.

Last resource: install the Play Store and GApps using root permissions

In case your device was not designed to have the Play Store, things are a bit more complicated. In fact, to proceed you will need the root permissions .

Obtaining them varies from one device to another but remember that, basically, the procedure invalidates the warranty and usually a reset is necessary, with consequent loss of data.

But if you are determined to install the Play Store and you already have root permissions on the device, here’s how to proceed.

Till today, installing the Google Play Store and other GApps was a bit difficult as it included downloading the version suitable for your device and then installing it as a system app, with manual procedures not just for everyone.

Fortunately, the Open GApps project was born , a really well-made open source app that, on devices with root permissions, allows you to install all Google apps in just a few simple steps. You can find it on the official website.

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