Do you use Skype for both work and personal purposes?

I’ll show you how to use multiple Skype account in your android, so you have it distinct and separate on your smartphone or Android tablet and receive messages or calls from both, even simultaneously.

To clone the Skype app many smartphones already have the cloning functionality, without even having to install additional apps. It depends on the customized version of Android installed on the device.

If you do not have the functionality to use two instances of a program, you can always refer to by continuing to read the third-party apps listed below.

Clone the Skype app via native settings

For example, Xiaomi smartphones allow you to clone any app through a simple procedure.

To duplicate the Skype app on Xiaomi just follow the steps below: open the Settings menu and bring to the Cloned Applications submenu;  now you just have to select the Skype app and clone it by activating the button next to the name.

Now you will see two Skype icons on your launcher, each one usable with a separate account. With this trick you can then use up to 2 Skype accounts on the same device.

Before trying any app I suggest you to explore all the features of your smartphone, maybe there is a cloning system that you were not aware of (Google helps a lot in this sense, with a targeted search you can find this type of information).

App to clone Skype

Would you like to use more than 2 Skype accounts? Does your smartphone have no built-in cloning system?

Read the rest of the guide to discover the apps to make clones of other apps on any Android smartphone.

1. App Cloner

App Cloner

This is one of the best apps available on Android to duplicate other apps, especially Skype. Once installed, simply select Skype as the app to clone, customize the icon and the icon name and start multiplying the app.

2. ES Parallel Accounts

ES Parallel Accounts

Another very effective app to clone Skype and then use multiple accounts is ES Parallel Accounts. This app creates real virtual environments where the app is launched as if it were on a new smartphone, allowing you to have all the multiple accounts desired.

3. GO Multiple

Go Multiple

If you want to use many Skype accounts I suggest you try GO Multiple, a very effective cloning app even on apps that are difficult to clone like Skype. Just select the Skype icon and decide how many clones to create, so you can keep all the active clones in memory and receive notifications, messages and calls from everyone with one device.

More apps to use more skype accounts

Looking for other apps to use multiple Skype accounts on Android?

In addition to those already listed above, you can try one of the free apps in the list below.

You can easily create and use a new Skype profile, by installing one of the list of apps suggested in the article. You can keep all profiles in your possession separate and receive notifications and calls from all at the same time.


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