Pair JBL with mobile phone [troubleshooting Bluetooth]

Having trouble trying to connect JBL Speaker to your phone? Listed below are how to pair JBL and some solutions if the connection is not working with your smartphone, computer, tablet or any other audio source.

JBL boxes are very popular because of their water resistance and affordability. There are a variety of models, from the cheapest to the most expensive, that meet the need for various audiences. If you just bought or got one, keep reading.

JBL Speaker

How to pair JBL with phone

  1. Turn on the JBL by pressing the power button (a tone will sound to inform you that the box has been turned on);
  2. Access your phone’s Bluetooth settings
  3. At JBL, press and release the Bluetooth button so that the box is visible to the phone (another beep will sound);
  4. On mobile, select JBL (usually the model name);
  5. As soon as JBL makes another sound, the connection was successful.

It is possible to pair more than one audio source, but it is only allowed to keep connecting a device at a time.

How to troubleshoot with Bluetooth

If you have a problem connecting, try turning off Bluetooth on your phone, tablet, or computer for a few seconds. Then turn on again and repeat the above procedures to pair the devices.

If the fault persists, unplug both devices – both the JBL box and the audio source (phone, tablet or computer) – and turn them back on. Then repeat the pairing steps.

Considerations for avoiding Bluetooth interference:

Another connection-related issue may be the close interference between the two Bluetooth devices. If the audio is failing, try to approach the devices to reduce obstacles.

Another tip is to turn off Bluetooth on nearby devices if they are not in use. Avoiding walls and keeping devices away from the Wi-Fi router also helps reduce interference.


In open spaces:

In outdoor spaces, such as parks or streets, interference from other equipment using the same 2.4 GHz frequency as Bluetooth is common, even from telephone antennas.

As long as there are no solid objects between communication, the channel used by Bluetooth may be congested. The only way you can help here is to restart the devices so they find a more interference-free channel.

With information: JBL.

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