How to play Dauntless [Beginner’s Guide]

Dauntless is a free action-adventure game with a focus on multiplayer. Today you can play it on PCXbox OnePS4 and Switch, without paying anything – just download and enjoy. But the game can also be a little confusing at first. Understand how everything works here.


What is Dauntless

If you’ve played Capcom’s Monster Hunter, you already know at least half of Dauntless. But, if you haven’t played, you can explain it in a simple way and still use the association.

Dauntless is a free, multiplayer game where the goal is to kill monsters. There is not much exploration and the focus is on fighting. Each eliminated creature gives you items, which allow you to forge better weapons and armor.

The formula is very simple and works, precisely because it is a straightforward game.

Monster Hunter has a similar idea. In fact, the premise is exactly the same, but it is a more bureaucratic game, with more exploration, details, activities and, of course, paid. Dauntless not only has the advantage of being free, but also less complicated.

The appeal to multiplayer is also one of the main factors in Dauntless. It is possible to carry out missions with only one player, but the ideal is to have more people to play with – and the game itself finds players for you.

To play on PC

On Switch, PS4 and Xbox One, there’s no mystery. Just download and play Dauntless. On the PC it is necessary to meet some requirements for the game to work.

Meet the minimum requirements of Dauntless

  • Operating system: Windows 7 minimum
  • Processor: Intel Core i5
  • Memory: 4GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia 660Ti
  • Disk space: 15GB

How to play Dauntless

The first step is to download the game on your preferred platform. It’s free, at most you can not like and delete later.

With the game installed, the first steps come. You need to create an account and a character, everything is very simple and just follow what is written on the screen.

After a brief introduction to the gameplay, already in control of your character, it’s time to understand how the game actually works.

Dauntless follows a very simple flow of: taking a mission, carrying out a mission, collecting rewards. In that order.

1. The beginning

You start in the city of Ramsgate. It is a great unique map where we interact with other players who are connected at the same time. Everything related to the “administrative” side of the game can be done here.

At Ramsgate you can:

  • Catch missions
  • Forge weapons and armor
  • Improve arming and armor
  • Create potions
  • Access training
  • Buy or redeem items (with real money)
  • Social functions

But the main thing here is to collect missions. They will always teach you how to play, how to forge weapons, give you the first steps. To do this, look for characters with a yellow exclamation point over their head.

When collecting the mission, the character will give you the details of what must be done, such as prerequisites for completing the task and eventual rewards.

After the mission is completed, return to the same character. He will have a yellow question mark on his head. This means that there is a mission to be delivered. When you have completed what was asked, collect the rewards, level up, among other benefits.

2. How to complete missions

Dauntless missions, in general, always involve killing a monster. There are few variations on this. After collecting the task with a character in Ramsgate, press the pause button to open the menu.

It is on the menu that we travel to the Dauntless missions. Choose “Hunt” and then choose the monster you want to kill. Usually the mission monster is marked with a yellow exclamation point in this menu.

From then on, expect the game to find players for your group – a maximum of four people form the hunt – and go on the attack.

3. Combat

The combat in Dauntless is fluid. It resembles almost all third-person action games. A button serves to jump, there are strong and weak attacks, in addition to running, dodging and other combinations.

The game itself is in charge of teaching you the basics and the rest we discovered during the fighting. The first matches are very easy, especially if your group consists of four people.

Within the missions, the main thing is to know how to behave: the map is big, but not so much. There is a minimum of exploration if we stop to collect items from the floor, but time is limited.

Find the monster that needs to be killed and do the job. The heart in the upper left corner of the screen shows the creature’s life roughly – when it runs out, the beast is defeated and players can return to Ramsgate.

As for the combat, there is not much mystery. You need to know the movements of your doll and how it behaves in fights, according to the chosen weapon and armor.

4. Other tips

Dauntless is a game that has a lot to offer. Everything that has been said here only sets out the basics so that newbies are not lost. In Ramsgate you must explore and talk to everyone, discovering the game’s functions.

A good tip is to always check the Battle Pass, which is a “Season Pass” from other games. It is paid, but it also has a free version. The more you level up, the more free items you can receive.

Finally, explore the options, always do a mission every day if you want to level up quickly and create new weapons and armor to improve your character and become an expert in the hunt.