Saints Row 3 : Cheat Codes, Hacks and Tricks

Saints Row: The Third is an action-adventure game that many compare to GTA, only a lot crazier. Precisely because of this almost limitless footprint for everything, from missions to deter aliens to the total customization of your character (creating a cute little monster), the Volition game has a lot to do. For those who don’t want to waste time, some codes and cheats for Saints Row: The Third can help.

Saints Row: The Third

Cheats for Saints Row: The Third

The following codes work for all versions of this game, including PS4 and Xbox One remakes. Use these cheats from the game’s mobile menu (in the Extras section). Keep in mind that using cheat codes disables achievements, trophies and saves.

General codes

repaircar Repair car
goodygoody Take off the police notoriety
oops Zero Gang Persecution
notrated Bodies explode
vroom Car takes no damage
goldengun One shot death
lolz Increase your notoriety with gangs
pissofpigs Increase your notoriety with the police
cheese Make money ($ 100,000)
whatitmeanstome Earn respect
fryhole victims float
runfast Infinite run

Vehicle codes

givemunicipal A Municipal appears
givephoenix A Phoenix appears
givequasar A Quasar appears
givetaxi A taxi appears
giveembulance An ambulance appears
giveanchor An Anchor appears
giveattrazione An Attrazione appears
givebootlegger A Bootlegger appears
givechallenger A Challenger appears
givecommander Commander appears
givecondor A Condor appears
giveeagle An Eagle appears
giveestrada A road appears
givegatmobile A Gatmobile appears
givekanada A Kanada appears
givekenshin A Kenshin appears
giveknoxville Knoxville appears
givekobra A Korbra appears
givekrukov A Krukov appears
givemiami Miami appears
givenforcer An Nforcer appears
givepeacemaker A Peacemaker appears
givereaper A Reaper appears
giverpg An RPG appears
givesandstorm A Sandstorm appears
givesatchel A Satchel Charge appears
giveshark Shark appears
givesheperd A Sheperd appears
givespectre A Specter appears
givestatusquo A Status Quo appears
givetitan A Titan appears
givetoad A Toad appears
givetornado A Tornado appears
givevortex A Vortex appears
givevtol A VTOL appears
givevulture A Vulture appears
givewidowmaker A Widowmaker appears
givewoodpecker A Woodpecker appears

Weapon codes

letsrock All weapons
givecyber Cyberdestructor
givegrenade Grenade
givechainsaw Chainsaw
giveminigun Minigun
givemolotov Molotov
giveairstrike Air strike
givedrone Drone
giverpg RPG
givesatchel Satchel
givekrukov K-8 Krukov
giveultimax As3 Ultimax
givehammer Hammer
givetek Tek Z-10
giveapoca Apocafists

Weather Codes

clearskies Sunny weather
overcast Cloudy weather
lightrain Light rainy weather
heavyrain Weather with heavy rain

Pedestrian Codes

dui Drunk pedestrians
hohoho Pedestrians become pimps and prostitutes
mascot Pedestrians become mascots
brains Pedestrians turn into zombies