How to play Fortnite

There are tricks and tips to play Fortnite and survive long even during the first game. Here’s how to move and what to pay attention to.

There are many people who do not know how to play Fortnite, the most talked-about game of the moment, and have never tried to do so for fear of not knowing where to start.
This is not surprising, since when talking about a video game like Fortnite, or real battle, players can become quite aggressive: being prepared and knowing what to do to win can make the first moments of play more fun.

Given that the has been launched for android also, in addition, the number of inexperienced players could rise considerably. Here’s how to play Fortnite: advice on how to take the first steps and survive (literally) the game even without experience.

How to play Fortnite

The first thing to do is download the game.

This is now available on many different platforms: to play on PlayStation 4Nintendo Switch or Xbox One just go to the store and download it for free. On Apple devices you can instead use the App Store to download (for those who have problems on this platform, here’s how to solve them ), while the PC version is available on the site.

Recall that Fortnite provides two distinct game modes, a free call Battle Royal and a paid, Save the world, which is more like a cooperative survival game and that according to the statements of Epic Games could become free by this year.

In the main Battle Royal screen there will be the options Play, in yellow, and immediately above a key that will allow you to choose how to deal with the game, if in Single, or all against all, Couples, to work with a friend, Teams or 50 against 50.

If you do not yet have friends online or the idea is to practice before playing with them it is good to choose the Single game.

Playing Fortnite: where to start

The first useful advice is to pay attention to choose the right moment to jump off the bus and evaluate the best place to dive.

The first thing we will need once we get to the ground is a weapon and it is easier to find them in the areas with buildings, but it is precisely here that the largest number of players is concentrated. The best choice could initially be to land in a place near some buildings but not in the city.

At this point, you can start the exploration, possibly with the volume of the device high enough or the earphones in the ears, in order to notice any players nearby: the audio on this game is very important and can be a good ally but also unveil your presence to the enemies.

In addition to looking for weapons, in the early stages of the game it is useful to collect a good amount of resources.

During the first game, after making sure you are alone, it is good to try to use the pick to collect different resources, starting from the wood, then try to build something. For example, there are walls, useful to defend against enemy attacks, or ramps, which are used to climb higher positions or arrive in otherwise unattainable places.

Warning: ramps and walls can obviously be destroyed and, above all, be seen and heard, as the construction generates a lot of noise. While becoming familiar with these tools we must continue to be careful not to be discovered.

We must have patience and continue to accumulate resources, passing after wood to iron. After a while the map will shrink and it will be easy to see the fortifications of the other players: you can take inspiration to try to replicate them in future games, but during the first minutes of play it is advisable to use buildings or rocks to shelter.

The towers are often built to shoot from above, so in case they are sighted it will be important to pay attention to the snipers.

You can make the first killings without attracting too much attention with good tracking.
The advice is to always look around, to learn with the eyes from the experience of the other players. After a killing it will be possible to recover weapons and ammunition: do not be distracted during this operation, as someone may have heard the shots. It should be remembered that objects float in the air and do not need to approach the bodies to control.

The map must be studied from the initial moments and followed to get a better orientation.

The first steps

The game strategy will change with a little personal experience and will be enriched with details.

The most important advice is to get headphones, pay attention to what surrounds us and do not make noise, all things that can be done easily from the beginning of the first game.


We hope you will get a good gaming experience after reading this guide. If you still have problems or suggestions then feel free to leave a comment below.

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