We have listed the merits of PDF files several times, both from a business point of view and for practical reasons. But this does not mean that these files are free from defects. Some of these are not able to change easily and the fact of not being readable with all the apps. In this case, finding the right app is nothing but easy, both for Android and for Apple. If you have an iPhone or an iPad the default method to read PDFs is the use of iBooks, app pre-installed on Apple devices since version 8 of iOS (we anticipate that it will be one of the apps we will talk about today) but it is not said that it can meet your needs. Today we are presenting you the best methods and apps to read PDF files on iPhone and iPad.

Use iBooks instead of Safari

When you open a PDF file using Safari you can read it as if it were a web page like the others, but you can also choose to open it using iBooks, by tapping the top right corner of the page. Or, if you have other readers installed on your device, choose Open With.

If you use iBooks, you’ll have three important features. The first allows you to adjust the brightness.

The second, after pressing the magnifying glass icon, will help you search for a word or a page number.

Last, but not least, the option to allow you to set and manage your favorites.

To see all the pages of a PDF, touch the icon with three lines on the left.

If you only want to see your favorites, select the bookmark button.

Use Foxit

If you are looking for a program with many more options we suggest Foxit, free and available on the App Store.

Besides looking for words in the text or changing the brightness, Foxit also has many other options.

One of these is the ability to choose how to display pages. In the image above, for example, we have activated Night mode.

The feature that makes Foxit one of the best PDF readers in circulation is the text-to-speech function: by setting it, Foxit will reproduce the audio of the text contained in the PDF.

You can underline the text, highlight it, and add comments and notes.

Finally, among the various options, there is the possibility to activate the synchronization with the major cloud services.

Create and Convert PDF with Adobe Acrobat

The third and last method that we present is Adobe Acrobat, which represents a middle ground between iBooks and Foxit. Available for free in the App Store, with this app you can open PDFs, create new ones and export to and from other formats.

Acrobat allows you to save pages to favorites, change the view and highlight text.

Finally, you can open PDFs from the Adobe cloud or add your Dropbox account.


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