How to record your mac screen with audio

There are many applications that allow us to do this. Only a few programs, however, are really valid to be downloaded and used. In addition, many of these, also allow you to activate the webcam and record both from the camera and from the Mac screen with sound. We can take advantage of the pre-installed macOS software, or we can use some third-party software that meets our needs.

So let’s see what are the best free and paid software currently on the Internet.

QuickTime Player

This is the video player pre-installed on macOS and deals with the playback of multimedia files. It allows us to record both the screen and the webcam of our device, but not simultaneously.

There is a trick that allows you to insert the webcam shot into the captured screen. However, the webcam frame will be hidden by any open windows.

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)

It is one of the best software to capture the screen of our PC.

It allows you to record the screen, the sound of the microphone and even the video recording of the webcam of our computer.

To add the webcam, just follow the steps below.

  1. In the Origins area, click on the + symbol;
  2. Click on the item Video capture device;
  3. In the Device menu, select the webcam and click on OK.

At this point we can move the frame of the webcam shot at will.

Also, by default, the video file format exported to output will be in FLV format. To change the preferences we will have to follow the following procedure.

  1. We click on the OBS menu;
  2. Click on the Preferences item;
  3. At this point click on the Output icon;
  4. In the Recording format menu we choose the format we want.

Once you have set all the parameters to your liking, we can click on Start Saving.

Open Broadcaster Software is a completely free software and you can download it by clicking on this link.


It is the most used software to record the screen of the Mac. In addition to the excellent recording function, it also includes a handy editor with which we can edit the recording, add effects and save the generated file.

  1. We click on the Record desktop from menu and choose the screen to be recorded;
  2. Check the item Record audio from to capture the microphone sound;
  3. Let’s check the item Record video from to capture the audio of our webcam;
  4. Finally click on REC to start recording.

You can download the Screenflow software by clicking on this link. There are two versions available: a free trial and a paid version . The free trial has no time limits, but inserts a watermark within the video file produced.


In this article we have proposed the best software, free or paid, to record screen on Mac that offer a truly good service. In fact, they do not present limitations of any kind, such as time or resolution limits.

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