How to recover deleted whatsapp messages for Android and iPhone

Recently someone sent you a message but as you click to open it you see a message that this message is deleted by the sender.

The spy sitting inside you wakes up and you get curious to know what was in that message which sender don’t want you to read.

Do you also have this curiosity?

In this article, let us tell you what can we do for you. Here we will tell you 3 ways to recover deleted messages on your Android and iPhone. We will also tell you how to recover messages deleted by you.

Whats removed+

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Whats removed is an app which read the notifications received on your WhatsApp. Even if the sender deletes the message this app take records of your notifications and you can read them whenever you want.

But this app cannot retrieve the deleted messages you received before its installation.

Its use is easier than ever. Whenever someone deletes a message after sending it to you, it will notify you with a notification and allow you to read the content anyway.

WhatsRemoved also allows you to retrieve photos, videos and audio recordings in deleted Whatsapp messages and offers them inconvenient separate screens.

How to recover old deleted WhatsApp messages on Android

To retrieve old messages or entire chats deleted on Whatsapp you will need to install ES File Manager and use it to browse the \ Home \ WhatsApp \ Databases \ folder of your smartphone (or \ sdcard \ WhatsApp \ Databases \ if you use one smartphone with expandable memory and microSD inserted): you will notice a series of files called msgstore-data.1.db.crypt12 and only one file named msgstore.db.crypt12.

The latter must be deleted or renamed in something like ” recent ” while choosing one of the msgstore-data.1.db.crypt12 files created in the date you want to report WhatsApp and rename it with the name msgstore.db.crypt12

You must then uninstall Whatsapp and reinstall it.

WhatsApp will detect the backup file on your smartphone and ask if you want to restore your chats. So press the Restore button and you’re done.

With this method, however, the newest messages are lost, those of the days between today and the date of the file to which the name has been changed.

How to recover deleted WhatsApp messages on iPhone

The first operation to recover deleted messages of WhatsApp on iPhone is to check the existence of the backup on iCloud and you can do so by opening WhatsApp, then press on  Settings -> Chat -> Backup chat.

In this last item you will see the time, date and size of the last Backup made.

In case the WhatsApp backup is not activated, go to  Settings -> iCloud> Documents and Data, then from Whatsapp go to  Settings -> Chat Settings> Backup  and tap on  execute now.

From here you can also change the frequency of automatic backup that can be set as daily.

In case you find one, proceed by reinstalling Whatsapp from the app store. After opening the application, follow the required procedure until you get to the point where you will be asked to restore the last backup from iCloud,  obviously confirmed and wait a few minutes.

Finally, deleted messages should appear on Whatsapp.

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