Share files and folder over network in Windows 10, 8.1, 7

If you want other users connected to the local network to be able to view, insert, edit files, open programs or transfer and scan documents via SMB ( Server Message Block ) in certain locations on your computer, you must share folder on Windows 10. In this guide, I tell you how to do it. I state, that the illustrated method is also compatible with Windows 7Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

How to share folder on Windows 10


The most secure method for sharing folders on Windows 10 is Advanced Sharing. To activate it, you have to position yourself on the folder you want to share, right-click on it and select Properties. In the screen that appears, if you move to the Sharing tab, you can select the Advanced Sharing option.

Now, to share folder on Windows 10, just activate the Share folder flag. Again in this section, you can change the Share name, enter Comments and limit the number of simultaneous users, which by default is 20.



Next, you need to click on Permissions to manage permissions for access to Users and Groups. To each user or group, after selecting it, you can assign different permissions. You can choose from ReadingEditing and Full Control. Each of them allows you to choose Allow or Deny, to allow or deny such permission.

The Read option allows you to access the path and view the files, documents and programs. The Edit option, allows other users to add, remove or modify files of any type (even executables), documents and open programs within the shared path.

The Full Control provides total control over the shared folder. When you have chosen, you must click Apply and then OK. However, if you want to share folder on Windows 10 with all users and groups, you have to choose Everyone.



If you want to share the folder on Windows 10 and make it accessible even when your computer is off, you must use the Cache. This feature provides files, documents and programs when they are offline.

By default, the choice is set to Only the files and programs specified by users are available in offline mode. However, you can also select the option All files and programs in the shared folder opened by users are automatically available offline, to share folder on Windows 10 and make the files available always, without restrictions.

In addition, you can enable the Optimize performance option, to make the executable files of type EXE or DLL, after the first opening, are cached on the client computers.

If you are not interested in this feature, to disable the cache and block folder sharing when the PC is offline, you must choose No file or shared folder program is available offline. When you have chosen, you must click on OK.

Once you’ve managed to share folder on Windows 10, it will be visible on the local network. Finally, I remind you that you may not even put the network password because in this case the access is controlled by the folder permissions. Therefore, only authorized users will be able to access it.

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