How to sync Android with Mac

Are you going crazy to find the solution on how to synchronize Android with Mac? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

If you have the charm of an Android device and an Apple computer, then you will not be able to clash with a little problem: connect the two devices. The synchronization of the devices is not really simple and immediate as for Android and  Windows. In this guide, we explore the most practical and efficient solutions to solve the problem.

Transferring files with Software

If you do not have memory problems, the most immediate solution is to install proprietary software. Samsung provides SmartSwitch and Huawei provides HiSuite available directly on the App Store. But what if the same Mac is used by multiple users with different brands of devices? Google comes to meet us with AndroidFileTransfer, absolutely universal (from Android 3.0). Just go to the site, download and install the package and then connect the device to the computer with a USB cable. This “offline” solution will give access to all types of files including photos, videos and music.


You probably never heard of AirDroid but it’s time to know what it does. Provides a file transfer system using the internet. Just download the app on your smartphone, connect to the AirDrop site from your PC and scan the QR code. Synchronization will be immediate and secure thanks to https. Now you will have the opportunity to explore your files already organized into categories.

Transfer files with Cloud Storage

One possible solution could be to use a cloud storage service as an intermediary. There are several and with different capacities. Among the most important we mention DropBoxGoogleDriveMediafire and Mega. Just register with the service, upload files from your smartphone to the cloud and access the account from the PC to download the files. This is also valid if you want to transfer files from the mac to your smartphone.


Do you need to move small files in a very short time? Ever thought of using drafts? Access Gmail and upload your images, text files or pdf as an attachment. Now, without being sent, the email will be saved in drafts with the related attachments. Connect to Gmail from the device you want and download the files in total comfort.


Since WhatsApp also allows the sending of different file formats has become easier. If once connected the device to the Mac you can not orientate well between the folders and find the desired files you can use WhatsappWeb. All you need is a Wi-Fi network to connect both devices to. From your PC go to the service website and scan the QR code from your smartphone ( Whatsapp> Options> WhatsappWeb ). If you plan to use it assiduously you can install the PC software. Now look for your file in the chat rooms and download it.

Contact management

If you want to save time and transfer your contacts from your smartphone to your Mac in a moment, you can use a combination. From the smartphone you need to import the necessary on Gmail and go to “Contacts” on your Mac. Open the program click on Contacts> Preferences> Account and add your Google account by entering the credentials. Now decide through the checkbox what to synchronize. No sooner said than done.

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