How to Use Critical Point Calculator with Steps and Find Critical Numbers

Generally, the concept of critical points in Calculus as well as mathematics is very significant as it is widely used to resolve optimization problems. The graph of a given function on a horizontal tangent or a vertical tangent indicates the critical point. Well, a free online critical point calculator with steps is designed to calculate the critical points of one or multivariable functions at which the given function is not differentiable. The tool provides a step by step process and also represents the graph. In this blog post, you will understand the critical points along with its definition and how to find it with the help of a free critical number calculator. 

How to Use Critical Point Calculator with Steps and Find Critical Numbers

What is the Critical Point?

Critical point indicates the function y = f(x) on the graph at which the derivative of the function is 0 or undefined. In simple words, we can say that a specific point where the differentiation is zero or infinite. Now you must think about how a critical point is related to the derivative? As we know, the slope of the tangent line of y = f(x) at a point is nothing but the derivative f'(x) comes at that point. We already observe that a given function has either a horizontal or a vertical tangent at the critical point. Let’s suppose you have a function that lies at the point c, then we can say that: 

Horizontal tangent at the point c, f(c)) ⇒ Slope = 0 ⇒ f ‘(c) = 0

Vertical tangent at the point c, f(c)) ⇒ Slope = undefined ⇒ f'(c) is NOT defined

However, you can use a free online critical number calculator that will help you to identify the horizontal and vertical tangent of the function.  

Use of Critical Point Calculator: 

This free online critical numbers calculator is very simple and easy to use. Just follow the given below steps: 

Step #1: 

First of all, you have to enter any given function along with single or multiple variables into the designated area of the tool. 

Step #2: 

After right now, simply click the “Calculate” button and wait for a couple of seconds. 

Step #3: 

After processing, the critical point calculator indicates the critical points for the given function with complete steps. 

Note: remember that, the critical points calculator uses the derivative and power rule to calculate  the critical and stationary points.

How to Find Critical Points of the Function? 

Here we describe the few steps to determine the critical point(s) of a function. Let’s find the critical points of a function y = f(x):

Step #1:
First, you have to find the derivative f ‘(x).

Step #2:
Consider f ‘(x) = 0 and solve it to calculate all the values of x (if any) satisfying it.

Step #3:
Calculate all the values of x (if any) where f ‘(x) is undefined.

Step #4: 

All the values of x that are in the domain of f(x)) from Step – 2 and Step – 3 are the x-coordinates of the critical points. If you want to find corresponding y-coordinates, you just replace each value of x into the function y = f(x). Write the such pairs (x, y) would give us all critical points. 

However, a critical point calculator is an easy way to perform calculations accurately.

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