How to use Dark Mode on Mac [Night Shift]

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In 2019 it was time for iOS ( iPhone, iPod and iPad) to offer Dark Mode for mobile devices, but the system’s dimming feature for windows and menus had been present since MacOS Mojave in 2018. Here’s how to use Dark Mode on the Mac.

How to use Dark Mode on Mac [Night Shift]

How to use Dark Mode on Mac [Dark Mode]

  1. Click on the Apple menu (apple in the upper left corner);
  2. Select System Preferences;
  3. Click on General
  4. Choose from Dark or Light appearance.

If you have upgraded to macOS Catalina (2019 version), switching between the two modes can be done automatically, respecting the Night Shift settings.

To access the Night Shift controls:

  1. Click on the Apple menu (apple in the upper left corner);
  2. Select System Preferences;
  3. Click on Monitors;
  4. Click on the Night Shift tab.

The Night Shift leaves the screen with warmer tones to reduce the emission of blue light and not impair sleep at night.

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But the Dark Mode changes the whole system of the color scheme (windows, menus and apps) to a dark gray tone, which makes it enjoyable (and less aggressive to the eyes) to use at night, especially on screens very shiny MacBook Pro or iMac Pro, for example.

When enabled, Apple’s native applications (Safari, Calendar, Notes, Music, Messages, Finder, etc.) also adapt to the color scheme automatically. Third-party apps like Evernote can also benefit from the ability to switch with the system.

There are those who like and find it more comfortable than wearing in Light Mode. On the other hand, others feel uncomfortable about keeping everything dark. Despite the benefits that Dark Mode on Mac can bring, it’s up to you whether or not to enable it.


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