How to use Google Assistant with AirPods Pro

Thanks to Airpods, Apple has conquered millions of users, outperforming the competition. Given the enormous success, the famous Cupertino company has also released a Pro variant of these, which offers better audio quality; the latter have a completely different design from the standard version. Although it is a product intended for Apple users, equipped with an iPhone, the AirPods have also conquered Android users, so much so that many of these use the AirPods Pro with their devices. In fact, the AirPods Pro work optimally even with Android devices, via Bluetooth connection. The only shortcoming is the one that allows you to recall Siri, which obviously is present only on iOS devices. Thanks to a special application, however, you can use Google Assistant with the famous Apple headphones.

To help you do this in this guide we will show you how to use Google Assistant with AirPods Pro.

How to use Google Assistant with AirPods Pro

Use Google Assistant with AirPods Pro

The first thing you need to do is go to the Play Store and download the Podroid Pro application to your device. Once this is done, the application, in a completely automatic way, will recognize the famous Apple headphones. Through this application you can check the charge level of the AirPods Pro and the case, check the usage time and much more.

In addition to doing this, Podroid Pro will allow you to customize the gestures, so as to allow you to decide what to do with the various taps performed on the stem of a headset. Among the various options you can set the following:

  • next song;
  • previous song;
  • raise the volume;
  • turn down the volume;
  • rewind the song 30 seconds;
  • continue the 30-second song;
  • Google Assistant.
How to use Google Assistant using AirPods

At this point there will be nothing left to do but select how many taps to activate the Google Assistant and you’re done.