The Best Binaural Beats Apps for Android

The binaural beats can be for, in some ways, a kind of therapy of sound waves, stimulating listening, can help you sleepimprove mood, and more. If you think this can benefit you, know that you can try it on your smartphone.

There are countless apps available, some of which are very similar to each other. But what is the best app of binaural beats for Android? Let’s find out together.

The best binaural beats apps for Android

What are binaural beats?

The basic concept of binaural tones is to reproduce two sounds with slightly different frequencies in each ear. The brain at this point perceives them as a single sound. Depending on the frequencies used, various users say that these sounds can change the mental state of each person.

With regard to the actual function, research has not yet obtained definitive experimental evidence, but the scientific world is certainly taking this phenomenon seriously. Numerous studies have been conducted on the sounds in question and above all on their effects that seem to be equal to those with white noise.

App for binaural tones

When you need to isolate yourself from surrounding noises or meditate, the easiest way to do this is to resort to using your smartphone. In this guide, we will tell you about seven apps that will help you improve your mood.


Atmosphere is the app suitable for beginners who want to approach the world of binaural tones. It has a combination of different modes and categories that make it very easy to use, especially for those interested in this world for the first time.

The frequencies are grouped into as many as 18 distinct categories according to use or need. In addition to binaural sounds, the app also packs white, brown and pink noise, along with a significant amount of relaxing sounds and music.

Download: Atmosphere

Binaural Beats Therapy

Among the apps born first we find Binaural Beats Therapy. It has 20 sound combos whose names promise great benefits, such as Euphoria Induction, Lucid Dreams or Astral Projection. We find included some suitable frequencies for sleep, hypnosis, study, pain, including a series of options suitable for even the most skeptical.

Download: Binaural Beats Therapy

Brain Waves

Brain Waves is a versatile app, suitable for those who want to experience the potential of binaural tones. The strong point of the app is the possibility for each user to be able to create a personalized mix of sounds, being able to choose the frequencies and volume for each ear. Obviously the customizations can be saved in its own sound library.

DownloadBrain Waves


Among our recommendations, we could not miss Brain Aural, a free app, with the possibility of using it even offline. Like Brain Waves, this also offers the possibility of using a frequency generator that can be used in the future. There are also 14 presets tuned to more specific objectives such as anti-aging and problem-solving.

DownloadBrain Aural

Binaural Beats Generator

As the name suggests, the app in question allows you to generate binaural frequencies. Binaural Beats Generator is an app accessible by everyone, very basic in structure. It only has three sliders, one for binaural beats, one for bass frequency and one for volume. During each user’s journey, a small guide will monitor the results that could be obtained.

DownloadBinaural Beats Generator

Brain Waver

Brain Waver differs from previous apps. The categories concerned are sleep and relaxation, along with more exciting focuses such as out-of-body experiences. What makes the app unique is the dual generator, through which you can edit presets and add background sounds while listening. The advanced option is for anyone who really loves the science of binaural beats. The app gives the possibility to be used as a white noise generator.

Binaural Beats

Among the totally free and ad-free apps, we can mention Binaural Beats. As many as 19 tones are directly preset for study, sleep, creativity and, in addition, you can create your own. The app does not grant opportunities to save the created sounds, but provides for the import of the same through the Gnural software

DownloadBrain Beats