How to view Someone’s Instagram stories without them knowing

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How to see the stories on Instagram without being seen: here is the complete and easy to follow guide. How to watch Instagram stories without viewing in 2019

How to view Someone's Instagram stories without them knowing

Instagram stories without displaying: how to do it?

At great demand, here is a new guide dedicated to all users who use the Instagram social network (who doesn’t use it today?).

In particular, today we will see the easiest and fastest way to view stories on Instagram without being seen on iPhone, Android, Windows PC, Mac and any other device.

Thanks to our advice you will be able to see and spy on any user’s Instagram Stories in a completely anonymous way, without the person knowing that you have seen his Stories and therefore “without viewing”.

The guide is very simple and requires a very low level of experience. Just follow our simple directions to reach your goal.

Let’s not waste any more time, let’s start right away!

NOTE: the guide does NOT work if the Instagram account is private.

See Instagram stories without being seen – Windows and Mac PCs

  • Go to THIS SITE from a Windows or Mac PC
  • Type in the name of the Instagram account you want to see Stories without displaying
  • Wait a few moments for the program to load the accounts that match your search
  • Click on the account that interests you
  • And so, as if by magic, you can see all the Instagram Stories of that account without viewing

By clicking on each photo or video you also have the possibility to download photos from Instagram Stories and to download videos from Instagram Stories.

See Instagram stories without being seen – iPhone

On iPhone, iPad and iOS you can do the same thing by using these apps that are on the App Store:

Or by visiting THIS SITE directly from your phone’s browser (eg Safari, Chrome ..). In this way you can view Instagram stories without displaying or downloading any additional apps.

See Instagram stories without being seen – Android

On Android you can do the same thing by using these apps found on Play Store:

Or by visiting THIS SITE directly from your phone’s browser (eg Chrome ..). In this way you will be able to view Instagram stories without viewing or downloading any additional apps.

How to see stories on Instagram without having it

Are you looking for a way to see Instagram stories without a profile? No problem!

All the methods we have proposed in this article will allow you to do this. They will allow you to watch Instagram stories without displaying and above all they will allow you to do so even if you do not have a profile on the social network and you have no intention of creating one.

Without a doubt, the ones I proposed to you are the best ways to see Instagram stories without being registered and without an account.

Of course, you will probably find many similar and alternative methods around the web, but all the ones I mentioned in this article have been tested, work well, are easy to use, free and above all safe.


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