Huawei phone dropped into the water what to do and not to do

Huawei phone dropped into the water what to do and not do! Did your smartphone fall in the water? Do not worry, here are some tips to follow to fix Huawei Smartphone dropped in the water. It will not take more than a minute for the water to reach the indoor unit and cause damage to the smartphone.

Read the tutorial below to see how to repair a Huawei phone dropped into the water, the guide is valid for all smartphones. Smartphones are highly sophisticated, but in the end they are electronic devices and these are extremely sensitive. Without proper protection, it will take less than a minute for the water to enter the phone and destroy the motherboard or other components of the phone.

If you are looking for a guide on how to repair a damaged smartphone from water or just your Huawei phone dropped into the water and you do not know what to do, you can take the necessary steps to prevent it from being completely damaged. There are some things not to do and things to do that you need to know when you accidentally drop your phone into a swimming pool or any body of water, etc.

One way to protect your phone from potential water damage is to use water-resistant covers that can help prevent potential water damage. Note that it is highly unlikely that all users using this guide will repair their water-damaged smartphone because water has a long-term effect on electronic devices and phones are extremely sensitive and prone to water damage.

Do not panic, act with caution, read this tutorial first and then start making your first moves. If you act on an impulse you could ruin your smartphone forever, so before proceeding quickly read this tutorial and put it into practice.

Huawei phone dropped into the water what to do and not to do

Things do not do

Before starting with the repair procedure of a Huawei smartphone damaged by water, you need to know that there are some “things not to do” that, as the name suggests, should not be done as they can further damage the phone or in the worst case, permanently.

Do not press the buttons: this is the first thing you do when you panic after your phone has fallen into a swimming pool or bathroom or if liquids have fallen on your phone. So do not panic and do not press on the buttons.

Do not shake: another thing not to do if the phone is damaged by water is not shake because it can push water or even water droplets deep into the PCB where it can cause much more damage than usual.

Do not heat/blow: if someone says you have to do it, the answer is NO, because if you blow or heat the phone assuming that the water is pushed out of the phone or fumes, it will not, this process will further damage your phone.

Huawei phone dropped into the water what to do

Here’s what you need to do actually

Step 01:  As soon as the phone drops or slips into a pool or bathroom or other liquids have fallen on it, do not panic and quickly move the phone to a dry surface.

Step 02:  Now, check if the phone is on or off. If it is off, leave it as it is and do not try to turn it on, but if the phone is switched off, try turning it off gently.

Step 03:  Now, remove the phone cover or case, back panel, SIM cards, memory cards and any other accessories that can be removed and place them on a dry surface.

Step 04:  Take a dry cloth or paper towel and tampon all the accessories to remove excess water. Do the same with the phone where you have to use the cloth to dab and dry the surface and the back. Also, insert the cloth into the openings, slots and fins to remove excess water from these surfaces.

Step 05:  Take a vacuum cleaner and gently dry the accessories you have already removed as well as the phone without disturbing its position or shaking it abruptly.

Step 06:  After cleaning the excess water, it is time to remove all the water stuck in the PCB, which also includes moisture. Take the phone and put it in a zippered bag and fill the bag with clay litter sand or with raw rice or silica gel which are large absorbents of water. These materials will absorb residual water and moisture from the phone by drying it

Step 07:  Note that the process takes about 3-4 days, do not remove it from the bag first.

Using this procedure you have definitely solved the problem of the phone dropped into the water. If it is not so you just have to take it apart and dry using 99% pure alcohol. Or take it to a service center.

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