IGTV: How to turn off Instagram notifications?

Two main innovations of the latest Instagram update: IGTV and lists of close friends to share stories with. These new features will also be exciting, if not that users have already started complaining about IGTV notifications, which arrive automatically and there seems to be no way to disable them.

How to disable IGTV notifications?

When someone we follow post a video via IGTV we receive the notification. At the moment the function has just come out and notifications are not so frequent, but as more people and pages understand how to use it and IGTV will increasingly take foot notifications could become a serious problem.
For now there is not a button that allows us not to display the notification bar: you can not disable notifications from posts and individual users such as we can do on Facebook by clicking on (…). But we can expect that with the next update Instagram give the possibility to mute the notifications and decide which ones to receive and which ones are unwanted.

IGTV: remove Instagram push notifications

But there is a way to remove IGTV’s push notifications and make sure you do not get them again.

  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll to Push notifications
  • Go to IGTV and choose No
    If you change your mind you can change the settings at any time by ticking “From whom I follow” or “From everyone”.

Differences between Instagram and IGTV

On IGTV there are no feeds, posts and stories, but only videos, to upload and/or watch. Another difference with Instagram is that the duration of the videos is not limited and can range from a minimum of 15 seconds to a maximum of 1 hour. IGTV is organized in channels and not in profiles, but works in much the same way as the traditional app.

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