IGTV: Upload Videos Up To 60 Minutes On Instagram

Instagram IGTV: The limit of length and duration of videos reaches 60 minutes

Big news for Instagram, which directly attacks YouTube and other video sharing social networks. 

From today, in fact, the maximum duration of the videos that we can upload on Instagram goes from 1 minute to 1 hour, ie to 60 minutes. 

The news had been in the air for weeks, but only today has it become official.

In particular, Instagram has organized a press conference at 18.00 today to communicate the news, but it has already leaked online and appeared on various blogs that confirmed the news.

Instagram IGTV to upload videos up to 60 minutes

The new feature that will allow you to upload videos to Instagram for up to 60 minutes will be called IGTV and, as anticipated, want to challenge YouTube directly. There are already many youtubers who use the stories of Instagram to publish some preview of their videos, but thanks to IGTV users can publish their videos and videos directly on Instagram up to 1 hour maximum duration. 

When uploading these long videos to Instagram, users can choose a cover (preview image), a title and a description for the movie. Just like YouTube, including hashtags.

IGTV Instagram video requirements

These, however, the characteristics that must have the video to be uploaded to Instagram IGTV:

  • Video length: 15s to 60 mins
  • File size: upto 3.6GB
  • File type: .MP4
  • Video size: 9:16
  • Video thumbnail / cover image: .JPG

In practice, Instagram IGTV supports vertical video up to 4K resolution.

Instagram video duration or maximum length

In short, it is now official: the maximum duration of videos on Instagram reaches 60 minutes. 

What a change for Instagram!

An epoch-making change for Instagram, born as a social photo network, but which now also opens up to long-lasting videos.

In short, we are waiting for some additional information on this new version of Instagram, but it is now official that the new limit of the length of videos uploaded to Instagram will change to 60 minutes.

However, the same developers of Instagram recommend to create long content NOT more than 10 minutes, not to bring attention to the public.

What do you think of this news? Do you think to use Instagram IGTV to upload long videos on the social network?

Let us know in the comments!

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