IIT Hyderabad’s BTech in Biomedical Engineering can be game-changer during this pandemic

IIT Hyderabad's BTech in Biomedical Engineering

After the year-long pandemic, more and more courses related to medical science are coming up. The BTech in Biomedical Engineering offered by IIT Hyderabad, can strengthen the health care sector by training students on engineering practices in the medical world. Here, in this article, we will first share information on this BTech course and then details of the IIT Hyderabad course. Scroll down to know more about the topic.

What is BTech in Biomedical Engineering?

The BTech in Biomedical Engineering is a 4 year course for students who want to make a career in the medical sector as an engineer. The Biomedical Engineering Syllabus will have various topics like Differential Equations, Matrices, Calculus, Laser & Fiber Optics, etc. 

After completing BTech Biomedical Engineering, one can pursue jobs as Technical Writer, Research Scientist, Lecturer, Physician, Biomedical Engineer, and many more. The average salary is between 5 to 12 LPA (INR). Now, we will share information on the course offered by IIT Hyderabad below.

BTech Biomedical Engineering by IIT Hyderabad – Why It is Important, Eligibility, Fees, Career Opportunities

IIT Hyderabad is one of the premier Engineering Colleges in India, offering different B.Tech courses. The institute is currently ranked 8th by NIRF 2020 in the Engineering category. The college is also ranked among the top 650 Engineering Colleges in the world as per QS 2020. 

Coming to the topic, IIT Hyderabad has taken the plunge to bolster the healthcare and medical sector through their BTech course in Biomedical Engineering. The Biomedical Engineering department at IITH is an interdisciplinary department. 

Through its courses, the college focuses on various aspects of engineering pertaining to the healthcare industry. Thus, the course aims to overcome the various challenges in the health industry facing humankind.

The department consists of 10 faculty members & 6 staff members, 16 Postgraduate students, and 73 Ph.D. students, and the number is just counting.

Why the need for BTech in Biomedical Engineering?

The new-age Bachelor of Technology program in Biomedical Engineering is the first of its kind in the country. The program’s main aim is to introduce young & dynamic students to the evergreen healthcare field and become leaders in their respective careers. With the threat of pandemics not over yet, including the emergence of a new COVID-19 strain in India, health tech innovations are the need of the hour.  

Many firms are coming up to innovate the healthcare industry in the world and also in India. Therefore, there is a need for trained professionals aware of all the medical and health sector’s technical aspects.

BTech Biomedical Engineering Fees

The fee of this BTech course is 8.5 Lakhs (INR) in total at IIT H.

IIT Hyderabad – B.Tech Biomedical Engineering Course Contents

The B Tech course in Biomedical Engineering offered by the college has an updated course structure. Including the core areas of study like – Systems Biology and Medical Instrumentation, the course offers several electives as well to expertise in various cutting edge areas. These electives are –  

  1. 3D bioprinting
  2. Data Analytics in Healthcare
  3. Medical Optics
  4. Imaging
  5. Neurotechnology 
  6. Nanomedicine 
  7. Biomechanics
  8. Medical Data Modeling and Simulation.
  9. Neuromorphic Engineering

The BTech program is designed on the following verticals:

  1. Bio-imaging and bio-sensors
  2. Biomaterials and nanomedicine
  3. Natural and artificial intelligence
  4. Bio-mechanics

Each student will have to undertake intense training in basic Biomedical Engineering in the first two years. After that, they will be trained on the above-mentioned specializations. The specialization in these areas will include all the advanced theoretical courses along with their practical applications in the labs. 

Is it possible to undertake Research?

The BTech program trains students on the four specializations mentioned above. During these specializations, students will get exposure to advanced Research and developmental activities. This training will make them future-ready to make a mark in the health industry. 

BTech Biomedical Engineering Eligibility

The eligibility for BTech Biomedical Engineering is pretty simple. You will have to pass 10+2 with good marks in Science Subjects – Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. Biology is not mandatory for students to have it as a subject in 10+2. Also, you will be required to crack JEE Advanced to find your name on the merit list.  

Career Scope of BTech Biomedical Engineering at IITH

IIT Hyderabad is known for its excellent placements. The college has a score of 71.54 in Graduate Outcome by NIRF 2020. Also, last year the average annual package at the college was 22.07 LPA (INR). The highest package touched 60 LPA (INR). The BTech students’ average package was 21.67 LPA (INR), and five students from the Biomedical stream got placed. 

Some of the top Recruiters were:

  1. Adobe
  2. Electronic Arts
  3. Goldman Sachs
  4. GE
  5. Indian Oil Corp. Ltd. and many more

To know more about the placements at the college, check here.

Also, students can opt for further studies in MTech Biomedical Engineering and complete a Ph.D. as well in the same field. This will help them to apply for Faculty positions at IIT Hyderabad. Students can also pursue higher studies outside the IITs.

General Scope of BTech Biomedical Students

Even if you did not have the opportunity to pursue this B Tech course from IIT H, no worries! The course itself offers a lot of opportunities. The average salary can range between 5 – 8 LPA (INR). Some of the typical job roles and their respective salaries in INR are:

  1. Biomedical Engineer – 3.7 LPA (Average Annual Salary)
  2. Professor or Teacher – 8.75 LPA (Average Yearly Salary)
  3. Content Developer – 4.32 LPA (Average Yearly Salary)
  4. Researcher (Clinical) – 4 LPA (Average Annual Package)

That’s all; we hope the above information will give you a clear insight into BTech Biomedical Engineering in general. We have also provided sufficient information about the course offered by one of India’s prestigious colleges, i.e., IIT Hyderabad. If you have any further queries, please drop the same in the comment section, and we will be happy to cater to them. Also, stay tuned to more such blogs, and we wish all students a great 2021 ahead!

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