Instagram Lite APK : Download and install it on your smartphone

Instagram on your Android smartphone is slow, heavy, takes up too much space?

Are you looking for a light, streamlined and fast Instagram version for your Android smartphone?

Want to consume less internet data with Instagram?

Here is Instagram Lite, the newest version of Instagram just released for less powerful smartphones, but that can be installed on all Android devices to consume less internet, take up less space, less internal memory and less system resources.

Instagram Lite Arrived for Android

Following the trend of many other social networking applications, the Lite version of Instagram has also arrived for a few hours. 

It was predictable: there were already Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps and many others but Instagram was still missing.

As is easily understood from the name, it is a lightened edition and optimized for devices with a little powerful hardware, but is also interesting for all other owners of Android devices who want to reduce the space occupied on the system by the Instagram program, notoriously one of the heaviest available today.

What changes from the normal version of Instagram to Instagram Lite?

But concretely what changes between the two versions? What are the differences?

First of all, of course, the Lite version app has a very low weight – only 573 KB –compared to the standard edition. And already here we get a nice saving of MB occupied on the smartphone.

But Instagram Lite brings within it an experience close enough to the original.

For now you can not use the Direct section for direct messages or publish videos, but there are already all the tools to scroll through the feed, look at the Stories, navigate the Explore tab and publish their contents.

Basically it seems that this Lite version of Instagram is simply a web wrapper of the official website in mobile version, that is a web app published as a standalone app that collects the features already available by accessing the mobile browser.

Nothing exceptional: adding a shortcut/bookmark to the Instagram website from your Android smartphone would have the exact same things, just to understand.

Consume less data and save internet usage with Instagram Lite

The real advantage offered by Instagram Lite, however, is the reduction of data traffic consumed for navigation within the app, which allows better management of their data especially for those who have a very limited data plan.

With Instagram Lite you can therefore save a lot of internet jig: the program is therefore very interesting for those with a few internet jigs or for those who are abroad roaming.

Download Instagram Lite APK Android

Although already present on the  Play Store, for now Instagram Lite can not be downloaded in few other countries, but it seems that availability is initially limited only to Mexico and India.

Despite this, if you want to try it on your device from today preview, you can manually download and install the APK that you find below.

APK: Download Instagram Lite 1.0.4

Download from PlayStore

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