How to install Amazon Appstore on Android

The Google Play Store is undeniably the market leader when it comes to Android apps, but that does not mean there are not some great alternatives available.

One of the best alternatives is the Amazon Appstore. However, the installation process can be a bit complex. You will not find Amazon Appstore as a downloadable file in the Google Play Store.

Let’s take a closer look at how to install Amazon Appstore on your Android device.

How to install Amazon Appstore on Android

Preliminary steps to perform on your Android device

Before attempting the installation process, you must change a setting on the device.

Go to the Settings menu and go to  Security> Unknown sources. Slide the lever to the On position.

Next, go to the Amazon Appstore website by clicking here and enter your email address in the box provided. Click Submit when you’re ready.

Soon you will receive an email from Amazon in your inbox. Using the Android device you want to install, open the email and tap the link on it. A new website will be uploaded. Tap on Get Amazon Underground. The APK file will be downloaded to your device.

How to install the Amazon Appstore APK

When the download is complete, go to the  Android Downloads folder and touch the APK file. You must confirm the installation of the app.

Tap Install and wait a few moments for the process to complete. When finished, you will be able to find the app in the app license bar of the device.

This is all there is to do. Now you have full access to Amazon Appstore. Start the app and start downloading!

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