Installing XAMPP Server for wordpress in localhost

Using WordPress on XAMPP is a great way to learn or test the website before making it live. The website works exactly the same way as with the web host. XAMPP allows you to run a website from your own computer.After getting it set up at once, You can install WordPress in just a few clicks.
Installing XAMPP on your computer:

Download and Installing XAMPP:

You can download XAMPP from filehippo. Its size is about 120+ MB.So you have to wait for its downloading to get completed depends upon your Internet speed.

Once the file gets Downloaded, run the installer.
If you are running Window Defender or any antivirus, you might get a warning as this:

Click OK to continue.You might also get a message about User Account Control(UAC), it depends on your computer configurations.After all these messages, you should see the Setup Screen:

Click on Next

Select components which you want to install

Choose the folder where you want to install it

After selecting your folder click on next

After that, you will get a window of “Ready to Install” click on next again

Your installation has started

Depending on Windows Firewall settings, a window might appear to allow some feature of Apache HTTP server on your networks.
Select the networks and click on Allow Access

After finishing the wizard, check the ‘start the control panel now’ option and then click on the finish button.

It will launch the XAMPP control panel.


Select the language.

Go ahead and click on the start button next to Apache and MySQL.

XAMPP will now start Apache and MySQL. You may see a Windows Firewall notification, it is important that you click on ‘Allow Access’ button for both applications to run on your computer.

Once You “Allow Access” to both the application they will be highlighted by Green colour.

Now your XAMPP is completely installed in your computer and is ready to use.


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