iPhone 11 with Apple Pencil? Functionality, features and price of the nib

Will Apple Pencil be compatible with the new iPhone 11? Here’s what we know, from the possible features and features to the likely price of the iPhone stylus.

iPhone 11 with Apple Pencil? Functionality, features and price of the nib

iPhone 11 will be compatible with Apple Pencil: the news, which has been chasing for several weeks, may soon find confirmation with the release and presentation of the highly anticipated new top of the Apple range that could be equipped for the first time with a capacitive nib, facing to different functions.

Apple Pencil on iPhone 11 (or iPhone XI / iPhone Pro) could be a very interesting feature, although to have an official confirmation we will have to wait for the presentation of the new iPhone scheduled for mid-September. The nib should cover some of the features already widely developed and appreciated in the latest generation iPads, taking up a little what Samsung has successfully applied for several years with the Note line (whose latest model is now officially available).

Apple will really change one of its fundamental pillars since the Steve Jobs era, or the famous “Who wants a stylus?” Pronounced by the deceased former CEO of the bitten apple during a famous presentation. Here’s what we know.

iPhone 11 with Apple Pencil: features and possible features

Analysts from Citi Research report some insistent detail about the introduction of Apple iPhone Pencil 11. The Apple stylus could be reserved for higher-end models, which is the direct successor of the iPhone Xs Max.

The reason could be the large size and the diagonal of the screen, which would allow Apple Pencil to be used for different functions such as drawing or taking notes, sending messages and emails all in the size of a comfortable notebook (and partially covering some of the features of the Touch 3D, destined to disappear in the next models).

It is not clear if the possible nib for iPhone will also be available for the middle model, or iPhone 11 while it seems quite certain the absence on the iPhone XR 2 economic version.

Analysts also seem to agree on the separate sale of Apple Pencil for iPhone, which will not be included in the package, with the optional purchase only for those who are really interested (to be forgiven, Apple could instead introduce a USB Type C battery charger for fast charging from 25 W).

A render of an iPhone cover manufacturer imagines the integration of an exclusive Apple Pencil for new models

Apple Pencil for iPhone 11: how much will it cost?

There are also those who hypothesize an exclusive Apple Pencil, reserved only for use on the iPhone. The hypothesis stems from basically simple reasons: the traditional pen made by Apple for iPad Pro would definitely be too big for a practical and versatile use on the smaller screen of the iPhone.

All the result of hypotheses, which will be confirmed or denied during the September presentation. The price of the eventual device could instead reach around 100 dollars: the first generation pencil is currently 99 dollars, while the second generation pencil is 135 dollars. A middle way could be the solution chosen by Apple to entice consumers to purchase the new accessory.

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