iPhone Xs and Xs Max are waterproof? Do they resist water? How long can iPhone XS and XS Max be immersed in water? iPhone XS and XS Max certified IP68?

iPhone XS and XS Max IP68

As you probably know, iPhone Xs, Xs Max and Xr were announced recently by Apple.

In this article we return to talk about the iPhone XS and XS Max to try to understand if these smartphones are waterproof, how long they can remain immersed in water and what is the maximum depth of immersion for iPhone XS and XS Max. 

Do not waste time and go straight to the point: we will discover together how much the new iPhone XS and XS Max resist water and if you have to worry about whether or not one of these phones comes in contact with the water of the sea, the pool, the bathroom or more.

iPhone XS and XS Max more resistant to water: now IP68 certified

Let’s start by saying that iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max reach a new level of resistance to splashes and water, with an IP68 rating.

This means that iPhone XS and XS Max can be immersed up to 2 meters for 30 minutes.

Automatically, therefore, offer protection from drops of coffee, tea and other drinks.

But there are specific limits to keep in mind, so let’s be clear about the waterproofness of the iPhone XS and XS Max. 

iPhone XS and XS Max resist water and dust, but how much?

As we anticipated, the ability to be waterproof to water and dust from the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max has been improved compared to previous models.

It is learned from the site’s specifications: now the smartphones are certified to IP68 up, so they enjoy protection up to 2 meters depth for 30 minutes of immersion.

Apple explains that the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are resistant to splashes, water, but also other liquids and dust.

They have been tested in the laboratory under controlled conditions, with an IP68 rating according to the IEC 60529 standard ( maximum depth of 2 meters up to 30 minutes).

Also iPhone XR is IP68 waterproof?

Even iPhone XR, is protected from water and splashes, but the resistance to liquids and dust of this device is indicated with the IP67 degree.

No IP68 therefore, but “only” IP67, therefore the same resistance of the previous models according to the IEC 60529 standard (maximum depth 1 meter up to 30 minutes).

iPhone XS and XS Max are “more waterproof” and waterproof than iPhone X and iPhone XR

In short, the new iPhone XS and XS Max resist accidental drops and diving in water, but remember that, as for other Android smartphones, we are not in fact facing a waterproof device but simply a water-resistant product.

Simply now, thanks to the IP68 certification, the time and depth of immersion increase, but I advise you not to leave your iPhone XS and XS Max immersed for so long, otherwise it seriously risks damaging it in a serious or irreparable way.

Attention to Apple warranty: does not repair damage caused by liquids!

Remember that in any case, Apple’s warranty does not cover damage from liquids.

The latest generation of iPhone are resistant to water, dust and splashes, but the House of Cupertino advises in any case to prevent these damages.

So do not think about using them to take pictures of the coral reef or just your son in diving: if the iPhone is damaged, you can not ask to be repaired under warranty.

Apple also advises not only not to intentionally immerse the iPhone in water, but also not to swim or swim with the iPhone, do not expose the iPhone to pressurized water or high speed (for example while taking a shower, ski of water, wakeboarding, surfing, jet skis and so on), avoid using the iPhone in a sauna or steam room and not using the iPhone at temperatures that are outside the recommended range or in conditions of extreme humidity.

iPhone XS and XS Max are water resistant, but better not to test them

In short, despite the IP68 certification, Apple recommends to minimize the exposure of the iPhone to water, liquids and other substances such as soap, detergents, acids or acidic foods and liquids of any kind, for example sea water, pool water, water and soap, perfumes, insect repellents, body creams, sunscreens, oils, products to remove adhesives, hair dyes and solvents.

If your new iPhone XS and XS Max falls into the water and gets wet you can feel comfortable because it will continue to function without problems, but do not take too much advantage of the IP68 certification because it risks big.

Just like all the other IP68 certified smartphones.

Apple Watch 4 water resistance is definitely better

As for the Apple Watch Series 4, this has a water resistance of up to 50 meters, based on the ISO 22810: 2010 standard.

This means that it can be used for activities in shallow waters, such as swimming in the pool or at sea.

It is not suitable for scuba diving, water skiing or other activities that involve contact with high speed water or deep diving.