Fifa 19: here’s how to download the demo. The wait is over: the FIFA 19 demo is now available. How to download the FIFA 19 demo for free

FIFA 19 Demo Download

Punctual like a Swiss watch, EA Sports released today’s highly anticipated FIFA 19 demo.

Like every year, this is a very important moment for the world of video games, because the demo of EA football games is always one of the most awaited and downloaded, also because it will finally allow all users to preview the new football simulator that he will have to see it with PES 2019, already on the shelves of the shops for some weeks now.

I remember that FIFA 19 will reach stores on September 28th and, pending the release of the complete game, you can download the demo from today on PC and console.

Which teams in the FIFA 19 demo?

The demo will include the beauty of 10 teams, part of the European football elite.

We will be able to play with Real Madrid, Manchester United, Manchester City, Bayern Munich, Paris Saint-Germain, Atlético Madrid, Borussia Dortmund, and Tottenham.

In the demo it will also be possible to get a taste of the new chapter in Il Viaggio mode, and to discover in advance the contents of the UEFA Champions League license obtained by EA Sports for FIFA 19.

Finally, the FIFA 19 demo allows you to tackle 5 minute games, more than enough to test the game and all the innovations introduced by the developers.

Will all this be enough for you to get an idea of the goodness of FIFA 19?

How heavy is the FIFA 19 demo?

The file size is 7.45 GB. The weight obviously depends on console to console, but these are the dimensions in principle.

Below are the download links.

Where to download FIFA 19 demo?

Here are the links to download the FIFA 19 demo.

Let us know in the comments at the end of the article what you think about FIFA 19 and if you will buy the game when it comes out, that is in a few weeks.