How to disconnect Instagram from Facebook

According to many, it is one of the easiest ways to make yourself known on Instagram and increase the number of followers. In fact, when you decide to connect Instagram to Facebook, you can show your multimedia creations to a wider audience. This allows you to find new possible users interested in the photos and videos posted on Instagram. It must be said, however, that connecting the two social media has not only positive sides. In fact, if the two profiles have different public and expectations (one uses it for personal purposes, another for work) it would be convenient to keep them separate. That’s why, probably, you asked yourself how to disconnect Instagram from Facebook.

You noticed that you made this mistake and decided to fix it right away. After some research, fortunately, you arrived on my blog. Like you, I had the need to separate the two social networks – also for reasons of privacy, as well as professional – and I had therefore to understand how to disconnect Instagram from Facebook. I can already announce that this is a simpler operation than you think. You can put it in place either from a smartphone, with the app for iPhone or Android, or from a computer, using the Instagram client of Windows 10. For the moment, however, you will not be able to perform this operation from the social network website. All you need is a device connected to the Internet and a few minutes. I’ll take care of the rest with the guide that follows.

How to disconnect Instagram from Facebook

To disconnect Instagram from Facebook, you must proceed using the official application or client. First of all, connected to the social network and log in. After doing so, be sure to manage the correct Instagram account. You could in fact have two Instagram accounts , so it’s better to check.

Once verified, proceed to disconnect Instagram from Facebook by following the steps described. Once this is done, follow the advice below to understand how to share Instagram photos on Facebook manually. So, good reading.



You can unlink Instagram from Facebook using your smartphone. Although today we can use the social photo platform from PC with ease, the phone remains the main device to manage your Instagram profile and the various options available.

To disconnect Facebook from Instagram, you must open your profile by clicking on the icon of the bust and access the Settings from the hamburger menu (the three lines at the top right). From here, locate the Linked Accounts item, press on the Facebook row and select the Disconnect Account command. Within a few seconds, the social accounts will be separated and the publications will no longer be automatic.

PC Windows 10

As I have already mentioned, you can also disconnect Instagram from Facebook using the PC, but only by using the official client for Windows 10. Find it on the Windows Store. Both the user interface and the customer commands for Windows 10, very similar to those of smartphone apps – they are identical, if not for some details – and there is not much to add compared to what was said in the previous paragraph.

Also in this case, to disable the Instagram Facebook connection, you must access the Settings by clicking on the stylized half – length icon and then on the three horizontal dots. In the left column, look for the Linked accounts item and click on the Facebook account. At this point, follow the wizard to unlink the two social profiles.

Share Instagram photos on Facebook manually

Now that you’ve managed to unlink Instagram from Facebook, you do not necessarily have to give up sharing your Instagram photos and videos on the other social network. Simply, you can choose which photos to share and follow the manual procedure to publish them. I assure you that, even in this case, there is nothing too complicated, indeed.

If, for example, you want to share on Facebook the last photo you posted on Instagram, just press (or click, in case you are checking Instagram from your computer) on the icon of the three dots of the post and choose Copy Link. After that, open the Facebook app (or linked to the Internet site) and in the line “What are you thinking“, paste the link just copied, adding perhaps an additional caption, some hashtag or even the location where you took the photo.


As you could see, unlinking Instagram from Facebook is very simple and does not take too much time. However, it is a choice that you will have to weigh up well. In fact, it could be that sharing on the two platforms brought you more visibility than I thought. So, in the event that I notice divergences in the views, in the number of likes or in the follower counter as a result of this operation, it evaluates whether to turn around.

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