Is Hulu Down Now : Here is Why

Are you facing problems with Hulu. Many other are also facing same issues. People are sending us queries like:

“Hulu isn’t working on my Apple TV or iPhone and it was just working last night. I’ve uninstalled the app from Apple TV and reinstalled but it still crashes. Restarted Apple TV – still crashing. Went online before I did anything else reset-wise.
In Detroit btw.” –  

“Hulu won’t even open on my phone, it just boots me out and closes before it opens. I power cycled my phone and closed everything else, and still doesn’t work. I swear if I got reimbursed for all the time Hulu didn’t work, I wouldn’t pay for it at was working at midnight last night though. Virginia Beach.”

“Immediately after opening the app it takes me back to the home screen. I’ve tried everything. I’ve turned my iPhone off and back on. I’ve uninstalled it and reinstalled it and I ever reset my whole phone. Kinda glad it’s not just me tho I was a little worried for a minute. thought something was wrong with my phone. Hope it gets fixed soon.” – Sydney Richardson

Hulu is having issues since 5:01 in most Apple devices but there is no official confirmation yet. Sadly there is no way to fix it for now. You can check live status on and keep yourself updated if it is down or working now. And also I’ll keep you updated with this guide.