Twitter DM’s not working : Here is Why and how to fix

Are you facing problems with twitter DM’s. Twitter is having issues since 12:01 AM EDT. Maybe you are getting notifications but not able to see the messages. Many others are also facing the same issues. People are sending us queries like:

DM’s Are Down For My Twitter Profile. – Gene Snyder IV 

Dms and timeline are both down. you can only see some posts.- Xaverie Baker 

West coast seems to be having problems with twitter Tu 4/28/20 afternoon – Z3TA2 

Twitter has also confirmed this.


Sadly there is no way to fix it for now. You can follow the twitter’s official support handle @twittersupport for updates regarding same or check live status on and keep yourself updated if it is down or working now. And also I’ll keep you updated with this guide.

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