The Newest And Best In Car Tech

Vehicle technology is progressing so quickly that by 2026, fully autonomous, self-driving cars are expected to be available for private sale. Although autonomous tech is making waves in the automotive industry, it’s far from the only vehicle gadgetry worthy of our attention. Everything from dashboard displays to backup cameras is getting a revamp this year. By 2026, when self-driving cars are the norm, mind-blowing gadgets will be perfect accoutrements. Here’s the car tech that’s propelling us into the future.

Sony In-Car Smartphone Display

Sony’s XAV-AX8050D is a multimedia display that hovers over the dashboard of compatible vehicles. Although some countries have had access to this display for some time, only recently has production expanded to afterthought countries like South Africa. The XAV-AX8050D offers 9 inches of vibrant, anti-glare display which can be integrated with smartphones and apps via Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, or WebLink Cast. The main purpose of this design is to prompt safer driving by reducing distractions while still giving drivers full control of their digital lives.

Batbot Battery Monitor

The Batbot is a unique device that wirelessly monitors your vehicle’s battery life and sends the information to your phone. All a person needs to do is clip the Batbot, which is roughly the size and shape of a baton, to the vehicle’s battery points and secure it with a cable tie. The Batbot will then send the battery’s data to the cloud, where alerts are processed and sent to a smartphone or email address. If the battery is running dangerously low, the device will deliver this information to the driver so they can act before it’s too late. The Batbot is compatible with nearly all kinds of vehicles, from old and defunct beaters to cars ranked highly for dependability. It’s also compatible with trucks, SUVs, RVs, motorcycles, boats and even tractors. The Batbot was funded through Kickstarter, but the campaign was unsuccessful. Hopefully this doesn’t dissuade the developers from thinking of another way to mass-produce the Batbot. After all, it’s a product that every vehicle owner can use.

Car Tech

FenSens Solar-Powered Backup Camera

All the best and newest tech innovations are in this gadget. Firstly, it’s a backup camera, which allows drivers to see exactly what’s happening behind their vehicle. Secondly, the device is solar-powered, which means that it’s charged by the sun rather that cumbersome batteries or plug-in chargers. Thirdly, it’s completely wireless, so no complicated installation is required. The FenSens Solar-Powered Backup Camera attaches to a vehicle’s license plate frame and can be installed in five minutes. It can thus be a front camera as well as a backup camera. Wherever it is placed, the device will project the live streamed video to the driver’s phone. Two hours of sunlight a day is all it needs to continuously stream without losing power.

Car tech is one of the most fertile grounds for innovation. Even in uncertain times, companies and private innovators are producing amazing gadgets that can improve drivers’ (and vehicles’) lives. Sony’s In-Car Smartphone Display, the Batbot battery monitor, and the FenSens Solar-Powered Backup Camera are proof that the future of vehicle tech is bright.