All gamers around the world probably know about PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The game which has been a hot cake in video game news for about two years now. The game was released 23 March 2017 by PUBG Corporation, Bluehole and soon came out on multiple platforms. PUBG Mobile was also released on 9 February 2018 and revolutionized the mobile gaming scene. So much so that PUBG news was regularly making the headlines everyday. However, PUBG is not the only player in the battle royale genre of games with multi device platforms.

Competition was presented in front of PUBG by the likes of Fortnite, developed by Epic Games. The game has same objectives, which is to become the last man standing in the battle. However, the approach and mechanics are different.

While Fortnite is free to play in its battle royale game mode, it is well optimized and has building and breaking mechanics which appeal to a lot of people and make the game more interesting and versatile. PUBG has more realistic graphics, multiple maps, First Person Shooter perspective, driving and character customization.

However, Fortnite only has Third Person Shooter perspective, cartoony graphics and no character customization. Similarly PUBG has a lot disadvantages too, like the game is poorly optimized, difficult to get used to for newer players and is slow paced.

Fortnite has more number of players playing the game currently than PUBG. The game being newer than PlayerUnknown could be a reason. Gamers migrate from one game to another after getting bored and that has also affected PUBG player base. However, the conclusion of which game is the best battle royale comes down to the gamer. Some prefer the cartoon graphics and chill gameplay of Fortnite others want a much realistic experience and slow but tactical gameplay of PUBG. Making and breaking things in Fortnite might be attractive to some but others may prefer the simple yet thrilling experience which PUBG brings to the front.

So it is the person playing who can decide which game appeals to him or her more. As of now, both PUBG and Fortnite are pretty good and exciting games to try. One has to buy PUBG to try it but can also play the mobile version of the game to have a rough idea and help make a choice.


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