The HomeGroup from Windows 7, a tool to share files, folders or printers between computers on the same network was removed in 1803 update of Windows 10; for new shares, you will need to use other methods, which are also very simple.

How to join the Homegroup in Windows 10 as Windows 7

How to Replace the Windows 7 Homegroup

From now on, you’ll need to use two methods in Windows 10:

1. Sharing printers

First, place the printer on a network:

  1. Type Control Panel in the search field, and click the option;
  2. On the Hardware and Sound submenu, click  View Printers and Devices;
  3. Find the printer you want to share among the options, right-click it, and then click See what’s printing;
  4. The printer activity window opens. Click Printer, and then click Sharing ;
  5. Check the “Share this printer” box and give it a name, or keep it already assigned at the time of installation;
  6. Click Apply, and then click OK.

Now, add the printer to your network computers:

  1. Type Control Panel in the search field, and click the option;
  2. On the Hardware and Sound submenu, click View Printers and Devices;
  3. Click Add a printer;
  4. Windows will scan to try and find a new printer, but you probably will not find it. Click The printer I want is not in the list;
  5. Select the Select a printer shared by name option and click Browse;
  6. On the left menu, click  Network, and to the right, double-click the icon of the computer on which the printer is connected;
  7. The printer icon should appear. Click it, and then click Select;
  8. Back in the previous window, click Next;
  9. Once this is done, Windows will install the necessary drivers and make the printer available for use. Repeat the steps on each computer on the network that will use the printer.

And ready.

2. Sharing files

  1. Open the File Explorer;
  2. Right-click a file or folder, and then click Grant access to;
  3. Click Specific People;
  4. Choose the people on your network with whom you want to share your files, and confirm the information.

And ready.

What happened to my HomeGroup?

If you used a HomeGroup in Windows 7, be aware that it will no longer be displayed in Control Panel, in File Explorer, or on the Troubleshooting screen. You also will not be able to share new files or printers with it.

On the other hand, any previously shared printer will remain accessible, as will the files or folders accessible by the \\ComputerName\SharedPageName.


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