How to see who is online on Instagram. News for Instagram: from today you can know when a contact or a person is online on Instagram thanks to the green dot.

New day, new guide dedicated to the Instagram social network.

Today I want first of all to tell you that now you can see who is online even on Instagram thanks to the green dot that appears next to the profile picture on Instagram.

A function announced for some time by Instagram, but that only today becomes effective in only a few countries and that clearly takes its cue from an identical feature already included in Messenger and some sections of Facebook.

That said, in today’s guide we will see:

  • How to see who is online on Instagram
  • How not to be seen online on Instagram

But let’s not waste time in chatter and proceed with the guide.

Now Instagram tells us when our friends are online thanks to the green dot

As anticipated, thanks to the new function, we can control who is active at that time but we will be visible to others if we do not disable the function.

From now on, in the Direct panel a green dot will be visible in the lower right corner of the contacts icon, which will indicate the active ones at the moment.

This new feature will allow us to know if our contacts are online on the social network: if there is a green circle next to the profile pictures, it means that the contact is online at that moment on Instagram.

How the new Instagram status indicator works

The new status indicator will be displayed in all Instagram features, including the Direct inbox, but will only be limited to the contacts that follow us with whom we spoke earlier.

Fortunately, you can disable the feature and stay offline on Instagram, so we do not let others know when we’re online and we’re using Instagram. 

Instagram released a note in a post to announce the new feature and explain how it works:

“Today we make it even easier to connect with friends on Instagram, showing you when they’re available online. When your friends are active on Instagram, you’ll see a green dot next to their profile picture at various points within the app. You will only see the status of the people who follow you or with whom you spoke in Direct. You can easily turn off the option and hide your online presence, also turning off the ability to see when your friends are active. “

How to see who is online on Instagram

How to know if a person is online on instagram?

As anticipated, now Instagram indicates when friends are online via a dot or green circle.

But how to find out who is online on Instagram at a given time?

Very simple: when a person is available to chat, Instagram will show a small circle of green next to the profile picture.

The same circle will be available in various spaces within the app, for example on Direct, in the list of sharing a post and more.

How To Know If A User Is Online On Instagram

The ability to view the status of friends will be offered only to people who “follow” or those who have already spoken on Direct.

How not to be seen online on Instagram – Disable green dot Instagram

Instagram, how not to know when you are online

It is clear that to protect your privacy and not to know when you are online on Instagram, you can always disable this feature.

If you do not want to let others know when you’re online or on Instagram, just go to Settings and turn off the “Show activity status” toggle.

In this way, however, you will not be able to see the activity of others, just like on WhatsApp and Facebook. But your privacy will be safe!

And here in a few steps we saw how to prevent Instagram from showing up when you’re online.

What does Instagram green ball mean?

Simple: as mentioned above, the dot or green circle on Instagram means that that contact is online, is using Instagram and is potentially available to chat.

You know the green dot that shows you who is online on Facebook? Here, the green dot Instagram works approximately identically. It is there to show you who is active on the social network in real time.

Thanks to it, therefore, it will be easier to see who is online on Instagram, since there will not be only the writing Active now. This information, in fact, is confused with the one that allows you to see the last access of Instagram.

The green ball, however, tells you unequivocally who is using Instagram in real time, does not just show you the time of the last access to the social network.

Active today on Instagram what it means

It means that the person has made the last access to Instagram during the day, but does not let you know the precise moment in which he did it.

It only tells you, in a generic way, that the person you are looking for has used Instagram approximately in the last 24 hours. Nothing more.


We have concluded with this new article dedicated to Instagram.

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