How to listen to two songs simultaneously on your iPhone

How to listen to two songs simultaneously on your iPhone. What you do not know is that in the App Store there are apps that will allow you to listen to several tracks at the same time. Yes, they will use the same iPhone and the same earphones. Interested?

Here are three apps that will let you play two songs at the same time using the same iPhone and earphones. The individual earphones reproduce a different song.

How to listen to two songs simultaneously on your iPhone


SplitCloud divides your screen into two equal parts. Each part will have an independent music player that you can use to listen to music. How does it work? Simple enough. Just open the app and click on the magnifying glass button for both music players.

Right under that you will also see the familiar SoundCloud logo. This is because the app uses the SoundCloud API to extract the songs and play them directly on your iPhone. There is no need to download or archive tracks locally.

Search for the song you want to listen to and upload it to the music player. Repeat the same procedure for the other music player as well. Now when you press the play button, the top music player will play the selected song in the left earpiece while the bottom one will play it in the right earphone.

There is an option to add songs to your favorites and you can operate both music players individually without affecting the other. If you want to use a single music player and listen to the same song, click Left or Right at the bottom of the screen to switch to the particular music player and track on the fly.

As you have already noted, SplitCloud relies on SoundCloud to search and play music. While SoundCloud is a fantastic way to discover new independent music, it still leaves much to be desired.

SplitCloud is free to download.


DuoPod is another double music player application that will let you listen to two different songs simultaneously on iPhone. The layout remains the same. When you start the app for the first time, you’ll see the screen split in two.

Where the app differs from SplitCloud is that you can use your downloaded iTunes collection to listen to songs. Press the menu button to open My Playlist or All music.

You can use it to listen to streaming music, but to do so you have to write. Like SplitCloud, you can switch to any of the two music players and each has its own settings and playback options.

There is no support for third-party apps like Spotify and Apple Music. In addition, DuoPod shows many ads and can be annoying to death, especially when you want to change the song.

Download DuoPod


While we have already seen two music apps that allow you to play two different songs simultaneously on your iPhone, they do not connect with Apple Music. Dual Music Player is a great alternative for those looking to tap into their Apple Music playlists.

Tap on Player 1 or Player 2 to find out more options. On the left, you’ll notice a music icon that is also the default icon for the Apple Music app.

Clicking on it will directly open Apple Music playlists and recent songs within the app. Choose only those you would like to hear and you’re done. Note that there is no search option to browse the Apple Music library itself. You can only listen to what you have in your favorites or in your playlists.

The app is free to use and download and there are no in-app purchases to worry about. The ads are not at all annoying.

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